Your Happiness and Your Sorrow

It is all up to You

Your mind is the beginning, and the end, of your happiness and your sorrow.

It is a most curious thing. Our mind/ego is the decider. Well … kind of.

How many people have created a vision board, and religiously chanted their daily affirmations, only to find that years later … nothing (of significance) has changed? If those things, affirmations and vision boards, are the creation and intent of the mind/ego, how can I say that the mind/ego is the decider?

We take on karma when we posture with what is. That posturing is initiated by the mind/ego. At least, most of the time. There are times when the mind/ego doesn’t get to decide. For example, a young soldier going into battle for the first time. The shock and horror of carnage can trigger the body to protect itself. It can go into shock, in order to protect itself from the onslaught of horror impaling itself on the persona. When we are in shock, all of what we would have been feeling, gets poured into our subconscious. That is why war can load up your psyche a lot, by thrusting you into a state of shock, which loads up all those intense feelings directly into your subconscious.

But, in general, the mind/ego is the root cause of posturing with what is.

Karma is a zero-sum game. In other words, karma is a perfectly balanced mechanism of experience. If we posture with what is, in the moment, what we would have felt is auto-magically pushed into our subconscious. This is the root of separation. Or you could call it the fragmentation of our soul. It can seem like this model doesn’t fit. It can seem like a lot of our experiences, that we are having in this lifetime, were not because of any posturing we have done in this lifetime. But in order to understand how we got here, we would do well to consider how many lifetimes we have been loading up our psyche, and subconscious, with karmic imprinting.

There is the notion that fully awakened Masters, like Jesus, have no subconscious. No fragmentation of themselves. You could think of this same condition, as describing a brand new soul. No karma … yet. And no experiences yet. When we come into an experience that we posture with, we create a standing wave of energy within our psyche. A standing wave of energy, that starts contributing its vibration into our overall personal energy persona. Thus the beginning of our karmic accumulation. You might call the first time … the original “sin.”

In this graphic, you might think of it that the left side, the side of karma, is the amount of fragmentation of our soul. The amount of consciousness that we have that is fragmented … from all the times in our past, when we postured with what is. The more we load up our subconscious, the more we close off our intuition. Once we have sufficiently loaded up our psyche with karma, we can become completely disconnected from our intuition. And typically that is when we move up into our mind/ego. In general, it was our mind/ego that did the posturing in the first place. Creating all of our karmic tendencies. Creating the vast majority of the fragmentation of our soul.

Referring to the graphic, you might imagine a homeless person. Where the vast majority of consciousness is on the left side. Stored up in their subconscious, creating a very stout karmic momentum. A loaded-up subconscious. Whereas the Jesus persona, having no subconscious, is all conscious consciousness. No subconscious karmic imprinting. All of the consciousness on the right side.

There is the notion of “faith” as being no thought(s) contrary. No thoughts, embedded in our subconscious, that are contrary to what we want to create.

To use the quantum mirror as an example, faith would be when all of the consciousness/energy that our persona is projecting into the quantum mirror, is congruent with what we desire. No thought/consciousness contradicting our intent. And the quantum mirror, like every mirror, reflects that exact imprint back to us, as our reality.

So then, our happiness and our sorrow.

For the most part, it is our mind/ego that has loaded up our subconscious with said posturing. And it will be our mind/ego that re-unites the fragmentation of our soul. To “learn” our karmic lessons, is to re-integrate what we have separated within our own psyche. It will be our choice, of our mind/ego, to quit posturing with our feelings, and start to allow all of our feelings. This can seem like a daunting task, but that is only because we have avoided it for so long. When we avoid it, we lose our ability to become intuitive about it. We can build up a resistance or fear of it. We develop re-active patterns with it. Creating identical re-sults. A karmic propensity, or momentum, of sorts.

To learn to accept everything … as it is … is to stop accumulating karma. To heal our relationship with the feeling we have been avoiding, is to start the journey of the re-integration of our consciousness. The spiritual journey itself.

I think it was the Buddha that said … All suffering comes from failing to accept … what is.

Love You!



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