You are in the perfect place … right now

No where to go but here (and now)

Is there something “missing” in your life? Do you have an ongoing intention? Shooting for heaven? Time to get out of hell?

Karma is a bitch, until it isn’t.

It is as if, perhaps, you “wake up” in a dream. You are in the middle of a tsunami out in the middle of the ocean. On a boat that is perhaps not suited for such challenge. Perfect. You have, metaphorically, been here before. Just look at Earth’s history. Imagine what some of your past lives might have looked like. Perhaps you fought alongside Joan of Arc? Or took swimming lessons, that didn’t end so well, from the outside of Noah’s Ark? Plagues, famine, war, floods, earthquakes and the like. Earth has been the place of extreme challenges for quite some time.

But now, this now, you have something different. Resources. The world got a lot smaller after the internet connected us all. And books, by the millions, have flooded the world stage. Thinkers have shared their insights. There are thousands of podcasts available to the phone in your pocket.

Sure, you might have shown up for this lifetime, loaded up with karma. Perhaps you chose to come into a difficult family dynamic too. With all manner of challenges and such. Perfect.

You cannot fail. No, really. You can take forever to figure it out. You are a timeless Soul on yet another incarnation. Once you finish this lifetime, there will be the next. But in this lifetime, you have the resources to understand the mechanics of living from a human persona point of view.

All the feelings you avoid get “recorded” in your subconscious. Apply this simple trait over many lifetimes, and your psyche has gotten loaded up. Creating a sense of karmic momentum. The way out … is in.

You have, and always had, the mechanism of “salvation.” To free yourself from your karma. We don’t sign up for the human experience and then want to leapfrog over the tough stuff. If you pull a kid out of elementary school, and put them in a college calculus class, that would be unimaginable to their mind. Not able to understand what was going on. Likewise, with time, the same child would confront new challenges. Math, trig, algebra and such. Each one a challenge in the moment. But with each challenge, comes growth. The child grows. Once the higher realms of education are mastered, one can look back at all the times and what they were facing, in the moment, which may seem very difficult to master. But just know that whatever is challenging you now, you will overcome.

Whatever you are facing now, will likewise be seen in hindsight, as a powerful opportunity for your Soul to grow itself. To expand its ability to face difficult times … and grow.

Love is the timeless fertilizer to help you grow.

Love You!


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