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I can’t walk your path for you. But I can help you hone your intention and, thus, effect. Facing the direction of your most AUTHENTIC expression. And through the passion of your heart, starting to move forward. Where you’re cleansing your personal energy. Releasing the karma of your past. With your psyche becoming more PURE. Where you are shedding the baggage of your karma. Giving you more cadence and effect. Fulfilling your life purpose. With grace, joy and love.

Pure Authentic YOU!

I didn’t see my life changing. I thought I was going to be a TV engineer my whole life. But it was just my Soul, prepping me for my real life purpose. Once I got cracked open, over 25 years ago, my Soul wanted me to be able to understand what that cracking open meant, from an engineer’s perspective. It worked. I recognized the energy behind the event. The energy was me releasing some of my karma, with it literally leaving my body/persona. What has become of it? Beyond words, really. Here’s a peek. Instead of my most intense emotional events taking days for the emotions behind the event to calm all the way back down, I quit having emotional events affect me for more than maybe one or two hours tops. I got rid of about 85% of my thoughts that were karmic swill. I quit getting sick. My life path shifted so much. And it continues to expand upon itself. I see clearly why all the “villains” in my life were simply karmic teachers. And I could go on. If we chill all parts of ourselves down far enough, we can find that Divine Spark at our core. That portal, where the Source Consciousness on which our ego runs, shows up for us. It is known as Christ Consciousness. It could be called that non-duality realm. My life purpose was really for me to teach what I have learned. How I found the Light within me now. And within you now. So you can follow your own bliss. I use a Western engineer’s perspective, to write curriculum on how to get enlightened.

The spiritual journey involves cleansing the energy of your karma within your own personal energy persona. Bringing you into an energetic purity of sorts. And in tandem with this, bringing the ego into alignment with Unconditional Love. The Unconditional Love at the core of your BEing. To heal our relationship with our emotions is a big step in that direction. Listen in as Les shares what that looked like in his own spiritual journey.

What does the path to Enlightenment look like for You?

My first encounter with enlightenment was when my Soul took me to the Light within me. It happened about 12 years ago. I didn’t know what was about to happen. My Soul was about to take me to the inner Light within me. My Soul started guiding me within my own consciousness. It was as if I were being brought up and up and up higher in my consciousness. Until finally I was in an infinite field of Light. Non-local consciousness. Non-dualistic. My Soul did this to show me what would become my life purpose, after I returned to my normal life. As part of my life purpose, I am constantly honing my own personal energy persona, to move into more harmony with that Light within us all now. Our enlightenment is a discovery. We do not “create” our enlightened consciousness. It is and always has been at the core of our being. As I work with students, I teach you how to work on yourself. To hone your mind/ego’s frequency to resonate more with your own inner Light.  A client shares her personal experience with the New Human Living teachings.

This is an excerpt from a recent New Human Living podcast that aired May 24, 2023, where our guest shares the profound and life-altering experience she had during a recent healing session with Les Jensen. You can listen to the whole episode here.

“I originally met Les about a year ago at a spiritual group that we go to once a month. I’ve always thought the world of Les and feel that he’s very intelligent with amazing communication skills. It wasn’t until we exchanged spiritual gifts that I really got to know him on a heart and soul level. I feel that he’s got a heart of gold and is very connected to Source, truly living his life with purpose. Les was guided to offer me a session which was the greatest spiritual gift that I could’ve received. He directed me to move through a profound awakening process of going straight up into light where I connected with my authentic self, Christ consciousness. I was traveling higher and higher while shedding off all these layers of thoughts, emotions, and ego while becoming lighter and lighter. With every drum beat I felt like there was an earthquake going on inside of me. I was shaking and trying to be mindful of my breathing so that I don’t hyperventilate because it was so intense as tears were rolling down my cheeks. I finally reached a level of nothingness, no thoughts, no emotions nor any images. It was a feeling of being light, connected with my pure self. I feel like this 15 minute experience has changed my life. Because Les has been there himself and is such an amazing light worker that he was able to take me there. I’m eternally grateful for receiving this gift that I’m continuing to benefit from. Thank you Les from the bottom of my heart for the difference that you’ve made in my life and for sharing your light” ~ Erica G.

A core issue between you and your Enlightened consciousness, is often very much rooted in your emotions. But our emotional karmic stigmas are not the emotions themselves. Listen in.

Les recently gave a talk about how karma influences our human experience. And what we can do about it. This was the handout. It covers some core topics.

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A recent interview by Loni Dayan really covers the fundamentals

The timeless dance between the Heart, Soul and Ego. Where is a natural balance to be found? What role does each one take? How can we release trauma and the emotions stored within our psyche? Listen in as Loni Dayan interviews New Human Living founder Les Jensen.

Loni Dayan interviews Les Jensen

We all have more power to discover within us. Without end. Yet the power of our own consciousness can seem elusive. The power of consciousness, the power of you really, is there to be discovered.

To understand what Les is talking about, with working with very high power energy, listen in to this short video describing his work with high power energy.

New Human Living is about you awakening to your own authentic potential. All of us have more to discover within ourselves. New Human Living helps you focus on bringing your own authentic power into effect in your everyday life. Benefits of this power include:

  • Reduce confusion and stress

  • Gain an improved mental focus

  • Expand and fulfill your life purpose

  • Receive clarity on your life dreams

  • Understand and cleanse your karma

  • Feel a genuine sense of peace every day

  • Perform at the level your soul knows you can

  • Raise your vibration and increase your inspiration

When you develop a deeper connection with your intuition and sense of self, you can trust that your life will begin to bring a deeper and more genuine sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.When you honor your potential and take actions on your inspiration, you grow who you are, every single day, bringing a sense of your own life being fulfilled. To purify your own personal energy, you align yourself with your own higher wisdom, connecting with your soul’s vision of what your life can truly be.


Your ego alone cannot touch the immense power of your heart and soul. The founder, Les Jensen, discuss the New Human Living principles. Listen in


The road to be able to embody the highest potentials of who you really are, starts with cleansing your own personal karma. Personal Power Fundamentals was written as a fresh look at just what karma is. And,perhaps more important, what we can do to actually change our karma. Learn More.


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We all have more to discover about our own potential. It involves a never-ending story of growth and expansion of our Divine human potential. Those of us who can make the shift can embody a bigger, bolder and most amazing vision of what is possible in our own lives.

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    Listen in to this episode of New Human Living radio and learn how to awaken the giant within YOU. As the Divine creator incarnate, you have no limits or boundaries regarding what you can actually create in your life. Pure Authentic You!

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