Les Jensen: Founder of New Human Living

New Human Living® was founded by Les Jensen, whose career as a Broadcast Engineer has involved working with high-power television transmitters. While working with this powerful energy, Les also had a powerful personal experience with his own subconscious energy, an event that released a large amount of suppressed emotional energy from within his own subconscious … moving him to his very core. Working with energy every day, Les gained an even better understanding of the fundamental nature of its behavior, which allowed him to make a direct correlation between the nature of high-powered broadcasting transmitters and the personal energy stored within each of us.


All of these experiences brought about the fundamental principles of the New Human Living philosophy … the idea that we all have an infinite source of Divine energy within us that can never dim. But simply knowing this doesn’t necessarily make it available to us in our everyday lives. Les just knew that there had to be a practical way of tapping this personal energy and bringing it into effect every single day.

New Human Living is a platform for personal empowerment. Your personal empowerment. With a fresh approach to languaging that helps you understand the nature of your own personal power, New Human Living provides the tools to help you make lasting changes in your life. To cleanse your personal power is to open up the portal of your authentic power so that it flows through you, as you.

Following the New Human Living fundamentals helps you bring more of your own personal power into effect in your life every day, in every way. From that place of power, you’ll find a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and a re-connection with an ocean of inner peace within your BEing. It is you living your life in a way that fills you with excitement about being alive. It is you fulfilling the vision of your heart and soul. It is a very powerful place in which to live.

picture of Les Jensen

Les Jensen founded New Human Living® in 2009. He created this platform so that people could discover the authentic nature of their personal power. Not based on any religion, the New Human Living material simply helps you discover your own authentic truth. You decide what you believe and think. To project New Human Living’s beliefs on you would pollute and dilute your own authentic self. You cannot know your true power following someone else’s dogma. We teach principles, though how you apply them is up to you. Our goal is to help you create your own personal Pure Authentic You! ®

You can learn more about our founder at LesJensen.com