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New Human Living Radio … Awakening the Power in You!

At New Human Living Radio we enjoy insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. They include leading authors, business power players, coaches, PhD’s, and basically a bunch of soul-filled people like you and me who strive to lead a more enriched life from a place of personal power. The show airs live each Wednesday evening from 7 – 8 p.m. mountain time, when we carry out engaging interviews that awaken the power in you! If you’re unable to join us live you can scroll down to check out some of our featured and more recent shows available for listening right here at New Human All shows are also available in our archives at BlogTalkRadio/NewHumanLiving.

Shows done solo by New Human Living Radio host Les Jensen feature classes in spiritual topics that help listeners delve deep into the nature of their own truth. These include subjects such as … Karma, Personal Power, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Miracles … and so much more. Take a look and see which topics resonate with your heart and soul!

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Author, Host, Personal Energy Teacher and Visionary

Les Jensen

My life purpose is to share what I have learned about our human karma, power and energy so that those who are ready can cleanse their own personal energy persona and return to the truth of who they are. ~ Les Jensen
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  • The Power of Eight with Lynne McTaggart
    Please join us and our guest, Lynne McTaggart, for a show about "The Power of Eight." Lynne is one of the central voices in the new consciousness movement. She is the award-winning author of seven books, including worldwide bestsellers "The Field," "The Intention Experiment," "The Bond" and her latest book "The Power of Eight." Lynne […]
  • God Within with Patti Conklin
    Please join us and our guest, Patti Conklin, for a show on "God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped." Patti is a world-class energy healer, and a much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures, and conferences. She is a frequent keynote speaker at alternative healing conventions, […]
  • How to Turn Your Fear Into Power with Maren Nelson
    Please join us and our guest, Maren Nelson, for a show on How to Turn Your Fear Into Power through emotional mastery. Maren’s book, “Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health & Love Through Emotional Mastery” is a guide to assist the average person to help themselves emotionally. Maren is a healer and […]
  • Whispers of the Himalaya with Ajayan Borys
    Please join us and our guest, Ajayan Borys, for a show on his latest book, Whispers of the Himalaya, the true account of two months he spent living in a cave at 10,000 feet in the Himalayas at the source of the Ganga. Ajayan has instructed and guided thousands of meditation students in North America, […]
  • Breathing Love: Meditation in Action with Jennie Lee
    Please join us and our guest, Jennie Lee, for a show on “Breathing Love: Meditation in Action.”  Jennie is a certified yoga therapist who has spent two decades coaching people in the healing tradition of classical yoga and meditation. Using the practices that she writes about in Breathing Love, Jennie helps people overcome grief, depression, […]

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