Caught up in Your own Reflection

The world … out there is you

The birthplace of your past, is what you are “seeing” right now. Yet we are always in the process of creation.

I guess you could say that what we are seeing, moment to moment, is the result of our creation. The moment, this moment, passes … it is in our past. We never see the same moment twice. At least from our egos’ perspective.

I could have spent my whole life living by what I see. In other words, if I had never been cracked open, I could have spent the rest of my life observing the results of my creation process. Not observing the actual creation process. But rather only the results.

Om …. Om … Om …
(the silent sound of meditation ;- )

Our mind is quite the player in this thing called life. Until it isn’t. Our mind/ego manages things by what it sees in the “outside” world. Yet the outside world that we see is a reflection of our inside self. I could have observed my angry boss for years. Blaming him for my own reflection, when he was an actual “creation” of mine. I had attracted an angry experience based on my own internal anger. It took me looking inside myself, to solve the outside “dilemma” or “lesson.”

If I am standing in front of a mirror, with morning hair, I can’t fix my hair, from the reflection itself. Likewise, I can’t fix my karmic manifestations, by trying to manipulate the world outside of me. Yet our ego bases its decisions on watching the outside world. Well, until it looks inside. For the vast majority of humanity, they are playing the game based solely on the reflection of our collective consciousness. If we, collectively, do not process our inner collective self, we cannot embody anything “new.”

It has been said that Moses “wandered” 40 years in the desert, to vent or release the slave imprinting. Had they just “got away,” and set up their new life, their inner space still freshly imprinted with the slave identity, they wouldn’t have recovered from that imprinting for many more generations. We hear of personal examples of that when people say they went on a pilgrimage or soul journey.

You can get good at sculpting your reflection through inner work. Your reflection is reflecting your inner space. Your personal energy persona. In other words, all of your karmic energy, that is radiating out of you now, that energetic “persona” of you, IS the totality of your reflection as energy. The reality we are witnessing “out there” is the projection of our own consciousness into the quantum mirror of reality.

Collectively, we cannot sustain ANY future that we can’t embody. We can’t experience a reflection that is different from what we are embodying. Energetically.

Lose the “bad” juju and load up on the good juju. For a better future.

Love You


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