Leave Room to Grow

You are never stuck

There are no requirements. That is the thing about free will. But there are no limitations either.

There is a flow of sorts. Inspiration(s) manifesting into form(s).

We can settle into a normal or typical routine. Where one day is like the next. You might think of it as a corridor of preferences. Where the ego has a comfort zone. Where life is predictable and routine.

If you were to build a house, you might start with a foundation. Something to build upon. There would literally be no place to put the walls or floor until the foundation was complete. A sequence of steps.

The more I look at the difference between a Soul and an Ego, the more I see two very different realms of intents. The Soul is a timeless persona. Looking to expand its experiences and expressions. And the Ego tends to navigate its way through reality, managing an outside world. Perhaps worried about what others might think. About what tomorrow may bring. Anxious about the news. Of course, there are many variations regarding how Egos approach life.

Our Soul might have a narrative, or timeline, for us. Perhaps this was chosen before we were even born. Before we even created our ego. Our Soul can intend for us to complete an intention. For example, become an author. It will feed us a step to take. And often, it will end right there. Until the first step is taken, the next steps are not relevant to the moment. Just like putting up walls to build a house, we must wait for a foundation to be laid onto which the walls can be placed. If we have been shown the steps for creating the foundation of the house, and we have not taken action on those steps, then the flow of inspiration stops. Is your flow of inspiration stopped?

Has your Soul shown you some possibilities in your life that you have yet to take actions on?

It is possible to get stuck in the rut of the Ego, where the Ego is not ready to step forward. It took me a long time, 6+ years, to complete the steps to write a book. I had to come to terms with the changes that becoming an author included. My ego resisted most every step. But the next book took 6 months. I had made the shift into a new narrative, or timeline, for my life.

When we are shown ideas for our life that seem too big or too intimidating, they are really asking us to grow. As a Soul, growth is part of the purpose of incarnating. Here you are incarnated as You. What does your Soul intend for your life? Do you have ideas of what your life might become? What is the next step? What action is waiting for you to complete it? So the flow can start back up again.

If you want to be a rock star, teach your Ego to trust your next steps. We often want to see the whole journey before we start walking, but the journey has no end. To teach your Ego to trust your Soul is a very powerful thing to do.

Perhaps take some time to daydream what your life might be. Keep an open mind. Create space for your Soul to inspire you.

Love You!


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