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Desire as the Root of Creation

Desire as the Root of Creation Your desires are a Divine attribute When Divine Goddess first had the idea of creation, before handing it over to Divine Masculine to bring it into form, there was no end. There was no specific intent. Like once the world became

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Harvest Your Akash, Live the Life You Love

You are an awakened Soul But you always have been… an awakened Soul. Perhaps the REAL difference this time around is that you are an awakened ego. Your Soul is always aware of the truth. Your Soul always knows its relationship with the Divine. Your Soul is

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Living the Life You Love

The Divine expresses through you, as you How good can you stand it? I mean. If indeed we are the portal of the Divine, expressing as ourselves, then what would heaven look like, to you? There is a pattern that is very common on this planet. And

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Giving Thanks

Taking the time to stop and appreciate who we are today Who are You? Why are You here? What are You here to be? Sometimes on our spiritual journey, we always have the future in our sights. Sure enough, that is a good way to be conscious

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The Light of Love

What does Love have to offer us? We set ourselves up. We buried treasures to ensure our return. We prepared the way. We, as souls, made agreements for very powerful benevolent BEings to be waiting for us. There are many guides coming forward right now … to

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Love, Play It on Me

Love is a very powerful thing to talk about. Love, play it on me. ~ The Who So here we are. Once again. What’s it going to be? We all have more life to live. Here is some more showing up right now. And here is yet

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Be Careful with Love

Nobody warned me I had no idea. Nobody ever told me to be careful. It seemed innocent enough, to just dabble with Love. What could go wrong? I mean, years and years of ouch and tears. Love seemed like a good idea. When I started to play

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Your Inner Chi

What are you broadcasting to the Law of Attraction? Your inner chi: Chi = energy. It is your inner energy. It is you casting your vote for the future. Everything happens energetically first. The last thing to happen is that the atoms move. In other words, whatever

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Wonder-Full Life

Discovering the Truth of Who You Are How did you end up here in your own life? What is the history of your Soul that has brought you to this moment? Where are your karmic lessons based in this lifetime of yours? What role do you play

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The Happy Gene

True happiness comes from within We all have the happiness gene. All of what we feel comes from within us. And happiness is no different. Feelings are an inside job. Yet happiness can seem elusive. So many people are not very happy with their lives. And yet others

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