Eat the Ice Cream

We are here for the Human experience. What is it like to live life as a human BEing?

Life is short … eat the ice cream.

Ok, I know if all we do is eat ice cream, then perhaps our life would be short(er). ;- )

But there is a richness that is missed by millions and perhaps billions of people. Although it is available to all, our collective societies have some built-in stigmas. Perhaps not ALL cultures, but certainly in the Western mindsets.

There is a temporal expansion. An elongating of life that really doesn’t serve us. If I were to use a metaphor, imagine a jet ski and a supertanker. A jet ski is nimble and quick. Changing direction, speed and outcomes in a moment. Whereas the supertanker is so big, it might take an hour to turn around, and it would need a huge amount of ocean to do just that. As such, the jet ski can do many different things in a short amount of time. And most all of those options are just not possible for the supertanker.

So how long do your emotional events last? Hours, days or even longer? I am talking about the kinds of emotional events you might encounter within a “normal” week. Sure, there are much bigger emotional events that can clobber us. The loss of a loved one, or perhaps a devastation of our livelihood by natural disasters. I am not talking about those here. Those types of much deeper emotional events can give us insights as to just how deep our emotional canvas can stretch. But what I’m talking about are the more common events, emotional events, that get under our skin. Perhaps you have an argument with your boss, spouse or teenager. What are the typical timelines for those types of events?

I was so unconscious of my emotional demeanor. For decades of my life, I had very long emotional events. I would come home from work, where my boss would belittle me all day long. Since my ego was subconsciously terrified of becoming angry, I would just submit to the grief my boss would dish out every day. I also, in hindsight, see him as one of my most important soul contracts. For he cracked me open. By belittling me every day for a decade, he put me on the shrink’s couch, where my life was changed forever. My soul contract was very important if I were to successfully do my life’s work. So even though he was malicious, he was also my angel. But spending my workday with him, he ensured that my subconscious emotional energy would get stirred up.  I would come home from work and I would want to just crash on the couch and watch mindless TV until my subconscious emotional energy would calm down. And then I would get up the next day, and do it all over again. In hindsight, I can now see that I was in a state of emotional turmoil pretty much every day of my life. Vacations and those sorts of breaks from “reality” would allow me to relax to a much deeper level. I certainly was living the supertanker life. I would subconsciously try to navigate a very emotional landscape. And it took a toll on my body. My health was on a downhill trajectory.

Fast-forward to today, after a decade or two of spiritual work on myself, I am as relaxed as vacations would have had me, but within my everyday life. I am relaxed at my core. My body is in a state of feeling relaxed for the vast majority of my everyday life. My emotional events fulfill themselves within minutes and occasionally perhaps an hour or two for the more extreme curveballs. It is not that I avoid my emotions to stay relaxed, but rather, I feel them, in real time. I let my emotions flow over and through me, as they happen. Much more like a jet ski. I am much more nimble with my feelings. And as I have written about before, my emotional demeanor has evolved out of the lower-vibration emotions. In other words, as I scrubbed my mental landscape, with my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, I evolved out of many emotions that hinged around my mental karmic stigmas. My mind had set me up to be emotionally triggered over just about anything in my life.

So let’s talk about Ice Cream. Or rather … what you are doing with your life. Your Soul would (typically) prefer to have an ongoing arena of new experience(s). Write that book. Learn a new skill. Take up painting. Host that podcast. Get out of your comfort zone. In other words, as we evolve our spiritual demeanor, it is common for our Soul to introduce many new ideas for us. There is a richness that comes to life as we become more nimble with our mental and emotional demeanor. Shift your experiences to more of the jet ski mentality. Quicker and more agile. That nimbleness will allow you to weather any changes in your life with much more ease. Your age is none of your business. Your Soul knows everything about you. In fact, you will age much slower as you open yourself up to what your Soul would prefer. Getting out of karmic stigmas always brings a new sense of choices. A new arena of choice, and thus new outcomes as well.

Life is short … eat the Ice Cream!

Love You!



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