Wishing for the Way Things Were?

Wishing on a memory

Where did the “normal” go? We had a “normal” way back in 2019. Wishing that things become the way they were can be counterproductive.

During the podcast Wednesday night, we discussed the different ways our Soul can “get our attention.” Often resorting to the proverbial cosmic two-by-four. When our Soul wants change in our life, it might serve us to follow our Soul’s inspiration so our Soul doesn’t have to resort to more drastic measures to get our attention. Often we can cling to a “comfort zone” of sorts. Where we don’t really want change. Where our ego would prefer more of the same.

Perhaps it was a relationship that was fantastic. Or perhaps we had the job where we had the best boss ever. It is never off the table. That is to say, the universe can bring us something very similar to what we had. But the Soul always wants to expand. Our Soul, as the source of our consciousness, is seeking to evolve itself. When our minds hold a narrow idea of what “good” looks like, we can miss the opportunities of new ideas, new narratives, and thus, new outcomes. We can ignore new opportunities that would bring us something new just as good, but very possibly better than what we had. It is our Soul’s intention to grow us.

We are watching the old ways of life crumbling. And that is part of the evolution mechanism. We shed the old, that we can be born anew.

For may of us, the core of our life purpose can be changing. Part of the evolution of the collective consciousness is to evolve its narrative. To evolve its story. We are that story personified. Many of us will be at a pivot-point in our life. For myself, it happened 25+ years ago. The cosmic two-by -our cracked me open. So I would be ready now. It started a 25+ year spiritual journey for myself. I didn’t have a spiritual bone in my body at the time. That moment started me on a deep spiritual search for answers. A deep dive into discovering who I really was. And what I am really here to do. It cracked me open way back when, when I had no idea that the collective would be turned on its head. But the timing was perfect. It started me creating a platform of support. So I would have that platform of support for others in place. In place in time to support those who are going through these turbulent times. Those of us who feel like our life is changing direction. Who, perhaps, seek to evolve their own spirituality. With books, blogs, videos and hundreds of podcasts to help others find their own way. I am so grateful for that cosmic two-by-four, for it has brought me a most exceptional life. A life my ego would have never expected, let alone have chosen for myself.

You do not have to wait for the cosmic two-by-four to crack you open. If you learn to listen to that inner inspiration. To hear it and then to honor it with your intentions, attention and actions.

Even if the collective consciousness didn’t have the big wakeup call, staying tuned in to the inspiration of your Soul is just good living. Soul-Level Living. An easy thing to do is to get “post it” note pads. Put one by the bed. Perhaps one in the kitchen and one in the car. And then wait …

It will (usually) be a single sentence. And often they show up when your mind is busy doing something else. Maybe you are unloading groceries from the car. Or perhaps doing the dishes. And a single sentence pops in your head. “Go back to school.” “Write a book.” “Take dance classes.” “Start a podcast.” When you hear those sentences … write them down. Write down exactly what you hear. Your brain doesn’t need to vet or validate the inspiration from your Soul. In fact, your ego can typically push back. I can’t afford that. I don’t have time for that. I don’t have anything to write a book about. Pushback. The death of our inspiration. I certainly pushed back when my inspiration told me to “write a book.” I pushed back for about six years. It took me six years to write my first book. And then it took me six months to write my second book. I quit pushing back. And now I am a writer. A writer of blogs and books. And I LOVE to write.

As you start writing down the inspirations, you have a physical copy of it. You see those sentences the next day. Whereas if you didn’t write them down, your ego would gladly ignore them, and then it takes much longer for change to happen. The kind of change your Soul is asking you to make. As you write down your inspirations, a whole new narrative will typically reveal itself. Your true genuine life path and life purpose. I am so delighted I have aligned with my life purpose. Until it changes yet again, as my Soul intends.

Love you (repeat)



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