To Live a Rewarding Life

You are more than you might know

Nature is never finished. Always ready for another (new) expression. You are that nature personified.

So … imagine if you will … that you (your ego) makes a list of what you would like to do and your Soul makes a list of what it might like to do. Are those two lists the same? Just pause for a moment and ask yourself that question. What answer(s) do you get?

Unless your parents where totally tuned in to their own souls’ inspirations, you were imprinted with a rather shut down trajectory for your life. It is quite the norm, really. People settle into a rather constant and unchanging narrative for their life. But at our essence, we desire a rich and full engagement of all that life has to offer.

I say this because I spent the first few decades of my life thinking I knew who I was and why I was here (on Earth). And then the proverbial cosmic two-by-four cracked me open. I started getting inspirations that my ego resisted. For example, before the “awakening” I would have never thought to start my own podcast. But now, 12+ years into having my own spiritual podcast, I can’t express in words how much me, and my Soul, enjoy where it had brought us. I am a completely “new” me because I followed my inspiration. If I try to imagine who I would have become, having not hosted my own podcast, I get the sense that my life would be considerably less fulfilling.

I have shared many times the tug-of-war my soul and my ego had, over me becoming an author. Yet writing is one of my favorite aspects of my life. It gives a platform where my soul can express itself. Like writing this blog right now.

It isn’t always easy for our egos to start on a new adventure. We can tend to prefer to keep things as they are. But Nature, which we all are an expression of, always seeks another opportunity for something new. Some form of new expression. Again and again … forever.

It doesn’t exclude a season of rest and “down time.” Sometimes that is just what we need to recharge ourselves. But there is something that happens when we take on a challenge. When we get inspiration that paints ourselves bigger than we had thought ourselves to be. The bigger the challenge the greater the sense of accomplishment. Not to create busy work just to stay busy, but rather, to capture the inspiration of our soul and not shy away from some of the greater adventures these challenges might take us on.

Timing can be important. You might get inspiration for becoming an actor, and want to quit your job and move to Hollywood. Be careful as to how you provide for yourself (and others). The inspiration might be showing yourself many years or even decades down the road. Make sure you can take care of yourself.

To give yourself the opportunity to inspire yourself, you can go to a bookstore with an extensive magazine collection. And browse the various genres there. Pay attention to those genres that you are drawn to. Perhaps get a few copies of those that resonate with you the most. Look online to see of there are meetups that resonate with these genres. In other words, create opportunities for your soul to open new doors for yourself.

We all are finding our lives taking on new directions. With the last few years of drastic changes in the collective consciousness, this is a perfect time to re-evaluate our own lives. A perfect time to do a reality check with your soul. To get your ego in step with the intentions of what your soul had in mind for this life of yours. Give your new inspirations the time and attention for them to blossom. It might not seem as important as you might think. But over time, you might be surprised as to where it takes you.

You cannot exhaust your potential … ever. You are a vast multi-dimensional Soul having a human experience. Soul-Level Living is where you will find out you are (much) more than you might have thought. Our ego cannot even comprehend the vastness of our soul potentials. To give this vastness the room it needs to express itself is the doorway to a rewarding life indeed.

To the grand adventure called Life!

Love You!


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