Breaking into the Open

Karma is not a forever thingy

There is a factor to karma, that I think goes overlooked. The curious thing is that we have been through, collectively, such huge karmic events. Events that have touched generation after generation. At a very deep level.

If you look at war, for example, PTSD can cripple a person. Devastate them. Crush their ability to function in the world at all. Collapse their ability to process emotions. To the point of either wrestling with the horror of their memories, or perhaps, the opposite end of the spectrum of feeling numb.

Or when entire countries go through a deep financial depression. Scarring those people for generations to come. My father went through those days, and he was the co-fabricator of my ego, along with my mother. Teaching me how I would end up thinking.

If you are walking around on planet Earth, and I assume you are, the whole gene pool is carrying around some very deep karmic imprinting. The rank-and-file human being is going through some intense spiritual lessons.

But that is not the endgame. Not at all. That is not the truth of what a human being is all about. It is, perhaps the toughest lessons we can go through … before we get to the promised land.

You are a timeless soul, going through a course involving many incarnations. It took you many lifetimes for you to get to this level of advanced karmic classes.  And now the journey back home. Back to your truth. Back to your true Divine potentials. As Jesus, and many other spiritual leaders have said, you will do everything I have done … and more.

One of the nice things about this incarnation is the ability to communicate. You can dial up one of millions of podcasts … right now … and learn just about anything under the sun. The process of enlightenment has thousands of mystics’ voices sharing their experiences. Sharing their journey with the world, really. There is no one path (back) to the Light. You can actually choose among very wise spiritual teachers on the planet. They don’t have to live in your neighborhood. Where you would have to physically be where they are, when they are teaching. But rather, decades, even centuries, of teachings are all online. Right now. At your fingertips.

For myself, one thing I really value in this incarnation, is how the universe cracked me open. The proverbial cosmic two-by-four. A story I have shared many times. I won’t repeat it here, except to say that it involved the release of so much energy out of my psyche. That was more than 25 years ago. And my daily practice is to continue to release energy, karma really, out of my psyche.

When I first bumped up against the unresolved energy I had loaded up my psyche with, it was very intimidating. My ego was such the rookie dealing with it. It felt very uncomfortable. It felt like I was going into uncharted territory. The great abyss. When I first felt an immense amount of emotional energy streaming out of me, it just wasn’t something I had any skills with. My emotional events, when I would get triggered, might have taken anywhere from hours to days to “get over.” Over in the sense where the energy in me would eventually “calm down.”

But now, those events are over in the moment. Events that might have lasted for quite some time are over fairly quickly. Not always, as I still can have very deep stuff come up, and it might take me a few days or so, to sort it out. But during the release, I am much clearer about the process. I know what is happening is moving me towards a higher consciousness within myself. An elevated “vibration,” you might say. And that makes the event a gift really. The more I release unresolved karma, consciousness really, out of my subconscious, the more I am breaking into the open. Where I am not being dragged through it, where my ego just wants it to stop, but rather my ego wants it out. Where my ego leans into the “burn.” Where I want to feel as much of it as I can. And thus, by feeling it, releasing as much of it as I can.

My emotions are on my side. They are gifts for me. My emotions are telling me very valuable information about the moment. When I listen to their message, in the moment, I can make a course correction in the moment. Which would have been impossible when my ego would avoid my emotions. My ego would have, in the past, avoided the information and made decisions that wouldn’t support me. I didn’t have enough information in the moment to “stay on my path.” But now, my emotions keep me out of the muck. They notify me, in the moment, when I am being incongruent with myself. And now my life stays in the proverbial groove. Groovy!

When we heal our relationship with our subconscious, we become much more conscious. It has been said that Jesus was fully conscious. Where he didn’t have a subconscious. If you think about it, if you have a conscious, and a subconscious, you live in a house divided.

Pay attention to how you feel. Allow your feelings to be felt. That is all they want. To report to you the message(s) of the moment. When you feel them in the moment, you do not accumulate any karma from that moment. Whereas if you avoid or suppress your emotions, you are accumulating more emotional karmic energy for you to sort out later. In a more intense energetic exchange.

Emotional Aerobics. Keep yourself fit.

Love You!



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