Stand Solid through the Chaos

Weathering the storm

These times … they are a changing. ~ Unknown

One of the more common ways we lose our way, is when we take in information and then base our life on this information. I know we are constantly bombarded with information. But when we take it in, and make it our own, that is when we put our power behind it. Whatever it is.

You cannot lose your power “somewhere else.” In other words, when we lose our power, it doesn’t “leave” us. It gets fragmented within us. You are always in 100 percent control over your power. It is never anything “out there” that is holding your power. It might not seem to us that we are always holding our power. This is due to our soul’s decision to fragment ourselves into seemingly less powerful archetypes. In order to live out the archetype of being a slave or victim, we have to truly forget who we really are. We have to disconnect with our very powerful ability to manifest as we so choose. We have to surrender, in the illusion, that the outside world has power over us. In order to feel powerless, we have to disconnect from our understanding of our own power.

This is always an inside job.

There is nothing “out there” that will make you more powerful. You will always become more powerful, by (re) integrating those realms of fragmentation that are stored in your subconscious. In other words, your true power comes from the Light within you. We lose our light, well, we don’t lose it … out there, but rather lose our access to our power when we posture ourselves within ourselves. Posture in the sense of developing a bias or judgment about the “reality” of our lives.

Let’s play with a few examples …

If you had a belief that … we are going to have a recession, you would “create” a personal environment where you attract to you experiences of a recessive nature. But imagine, Jesus beaming down next to you, and He starts manifesting everything that is needed… out of thin air. Poof! Poof! Poof! So, is the recession “real?” To you, who has created it, yes. To Jesus, no. Even though you are standing in the same space.

If you had the belief that … men (and/or women) can’t be trusted, you would manifest examples of that belief. It is done unto you as you believe.

It might help to recognize just how much we have loaded up our subconscious. It might help to look at how much of our culture is ingrained and embedded in our subconscious. To look at the BIG picture of our culture, how many wars have been started over …”God.” Talk about a collective consciousness dogma. The symbol “God” is something we posture with to ensure we are found in favor. That this “God” will find favor on us, and thus grant us salvation and we won’t burn in hell forevermore. Or how much of an emotional reaction you would have about bad news, horrible news, about money, sex, or health, etc. When we have an emotional discourse with these common terms, we are really posturing with them. We are not manifesting, untethered and free, within the moment, but rather based on longstanding relationships that we hold in our subconscious.

There are those that try to play us against our subconscious programming. Part of the storm we are experiencing collectively right now is the bombardment of narratives that are designed to try to trigger us into fear. Narratives that are seeking to plant narratives of fear that we might take them into our psyche and “own” them. That we may become fearful. But these are narratives that are outside of us. We do not contribute our power to those narratives unless we take them on as our own beliefs. And then, thus, we create as we believe.

Stay grounded in your truth, knowing that you are in total control of your narrative, of your beliefs, and this is what is done unto you. You are safe, if you so believe that you are. Since the process of the creation of reality all happens within you, you have the ability to write your own narrative no matter what is happening around you. Just as Jesus could suddenly appear, and create whatever is needed in the moment. I know that that type of manifestation can seem a million proverbial miles away from how you are experiencing your life today. It will serve you well to understand the process. The mechanism of your Diviner power to create as you so choose. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

By taking the time to clean up the incongruent thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that you have accumulated in your subconscious, is the pathway back to your true power. Meditation and Emotional work are two very powerful modalities to help you reclaim and re-integrate your inherent power.

Make it a habit to remind yourself, that whenever you emotionally engage the collective narrative, you are actually voting for whatever that narrative is. Regardless if you want it or not. Be mindful of your attention. Where are you “spending” it? You actually vote with your intentions. Learn to consciously choose the outcome(s) that you prefer, and put your awareness into those narratives.

What a most exciting time to be ALIVE!

Love You!



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