evolution of the soul


Wishing for the Way Things Were? Wishing on a memory Where did the “normal” go? We had a “normal” way back in 2019. Wishing that things become the way they were can be counterproductive. During the podcast Wednesday night, we discussed the different ways our Soul can “get our attention.” Often resorting to the proverbial cosmic two-by-four. When our Soul wants change in our life, it might serve us to follow our Soul’s inspiration so our Soul doesn’t have to resort to more drastic measures to get our attention. Often we can cling to a “comfort zone” of sorts. Where we don’t really want change. Where our ego would prefer more of the same. Perhaps it was a relationship that was fantastic. Or perhaps we had the job where we had the best boss ever. It is never off the table. That is to say, the universe can bring us something…