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Deal Me In

The Time Has Come You have been watching it happen from the day you were born. The process of creation happening. Right before your eyes. People taking inspired, intentional actions in their lives to make things happen. But, perhaps what was missing was that you didn’t know

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Tapping the Divine Within You

God wants to play. Deal the Divine into Your life. So what would a Divine day look like? Or perhaps where would your life be after a Divine Year? What would “Over the Top” look like for you? There is a Divine spark located deep within you.

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Love Yourself Without Reason, Cause, or Expectation

Love is the path to your return to grace All of us are spot-on. We are perfect in our own right. The way(s) we choose IS our path. No matter what. You cannot choose wrong. You cannot fall from grace. No matter what your storyline is, you

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Wrap A Big Vision Around it

What is Your Life Purpose? Honoring your power and your purpose. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your life purpose? What plans have you laid for its fulfillment? Don’t tell me, tellyou. You have so much potential inside of you now. I remember the

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