What Narratives are You running?

Who do you think you are?

You can sprinkle flour on the kitchen floor, to see if you’ve been sleepwalking. But how can you tell where you are really stuck?

The thing is, our ego cannot even comprehend the vision our soul has for our life. It’s like, magically, sending someone in the 13th century a hand-held DVD player, with a built-in screen, and the first Star Wars movie ready to play. A 13th century mind couldn’t wrap its head around what it was looking at. Yet, here in the future, we are accustomed to such stories and technologies. No big deal.

So, your soul has a similar relationship to who you might become, over the coming years and decades. Your soul, having a metaphorical DVD storyline that is in resonance with your life purpose. And your ego gets to decide if it happens at all or not. Our egos can easily get distracted about what life we are living. Our egos can be quite content in narratives that are not conducive to us fulfilling our life purpose. Largely due to not being able to “see” the vision as a multi-dimensional whole-life story. Like, perhaps we might experience a holodeck, like on the Star Trek movies. Where we can create a “reality” and step into it as an avatar or actor/actress.

Those narratives that we reproduce, day in and day out, are a sign of our resonance, or lack of resonance, with our life purpose. In other words, what we are thinking about throughout our day … is there a portion of our thoughts and actions that are guided by our heart and soul?

There are no requirements. You can go stick your head in a bucket of sand (metaphorically), if you so choose.

The knack, if you were to think of it that way, is to recognize your soul’s impulse(s) throughout your day, and then the likelihood of your narratives, those stories that you run in your thoughts … how likely are those narratives going to be responsive to the impulses of your soul? Where your thought-patterns shift, and follow the inspirations, and thus new narrative(s), that your soul has for you each and every day. Go talk to them. Go to the market. Check the brakes on your car. Etc.

No-thought meditation is superb in this arena. You can’t know of a narrative unless you are conscious of having it. This is where our subconscious programming can skew the whole rodeo. Where we have subconscious narratives that are like deep ruts or chasms in which our narratives have become stuck. Where we are stuck in archetypal “roles.” Perhaps you see yourself as the victim of this or that. Where you are looking at your past, and pointing blame on events and people, for why you are living the life that you are. So what, really? Sure, you have a train wreck or three. Sure, you have been through the proverbial ringer. Perhaps more than a few times. But through it all, all of it, the laws of karma have been playing out perfectly. The universe, as a conscious experience, is never broken. The mechanics of karma are indifferent and impersonal. It’s all on you. If you experienced it on the outside, you had some equivalent karmic element within your psyche, that created your experience. The quantum mirror reflects your karmic elements back to you, as your life experience, without motive or agenda.

To practice no-thought meditation affords you a new awareness of the narratives that you are running now. You can’t change things you are not aware of.

Who do you think you are … here to be?

Don’t tell me, but do tell you.

Oh … also forgot to ask. What is your life purpose?

Love You!



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