your soul’s vision for your life


What Narratives are You running? Who do you think you are? You can sprinkle flour on the kitchen floor, to see if you’ve been sleepwalking. But how can you tell where you are really stuck? The thing is, our ego cannot even comprehend the vision our soul has for our life. It’s like, magically, sending someone in the 13th century a hand-held DVD player, with a built-in screen, and the first Star Wars movie ready to play. A 13th century mind couldn’t wrap its head around what it was looking at. Yet, here in the future, we are accustomed to such stories and technologies. No big deal. So, your soul has a similar relationship to who you might become, over the coming years and decades. Your soul, having a metaphorical DVD storyline that is in resonance with your life purpose. And your ego gets to decide if it happens at…