The Good and the Bad

A mirror has no preference

Where will you find your ideal life? Is it living in a palace on top of the mountain? Will it be droves of servants awaiting to fulfill your every desire? Or perhaps learning you are the sole recipient to a 5 million-dollar trust? Or would 5 billion be even better?

And what of your Heart?

To receive “good” into our life can seem like living on the gravy train of sorts. The “good” life. And certainly that is one of the infinite potentials we could choose. And the (quantum) mirror would reflect that back to us. As you wish.

But where is the growth? Where is the evolution of your self? Living the high life can seem ideal. But millionaires jump off bridges, to their peril too. With a sense of hopelessness. Even though they can buy anything they can imagine.

I suggest, there is something that happens, when we tune in. Tune in to a deeper wisdom within us. Where there is a lifelong stream of IN-spiration. For myself, my inspirations have brought me great Joy. With, at least at first, tremendous resistance. Write a book? Hell no! Yet becoming a writer has changed my life in wonderful ways.

My ego thought it a “bad” idea. No. Hell no. That’s a “bad” idea.

Then there is the notion that archetypes don’t have a “bad” side. In other words, even the “bad” archetypes, of the sinner, the villian, the dictator, etc., those “bad” archetypes are not for us. We want the “good” life.

Yet here we are.

You can’t have a hero without a villain. You can’t have a savior if there isn’t any saving to do. And what about Joy? Do you think a single mother, having been living on the streets with her kids, has finally gotten a place of her own? Where she can be at home? Her home? Where she can close the door and be safe? What is the Joy behind that?

Your Soul came here for the experience(s). Your Soul might have experiences that your ego, on first blush, might think insane. Oh, hell no.

To teach your ego to learn the value of your own inspiration can change your whole life for the better.

Have I grown over the years, writing books, and hosting spiritual podcasts? Oh, hell yes! Thank God that I learned the value of my inspirations. And please God, may I have many more. I don’t want to miss a thing.

Now just because your Soul shows you a life where you live on a tropical island hosting a retreat center, doesn’t mean you quit your job the next day. There is a timing to it. Do take care of you. Of yourself. That you have a place to live and a way to sustain your life. The timing of the Soul can be decades out. That doesn’t mean it is out of reach. You have a much better probability to manifest the vision(s) of your Soul if you learn to stay in the flow of inspiration coming from your Heart and Soul.

The more you learn to trust, honor and take actions on your inspirations, well then, a cadence forms. You develop a momentum of sorts. Guided by your Heart and Soul all throughout your days. You are born anew when you evolve who you are.

“Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.”
~ Rumi

Love You!



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