What have You voted for?

It’s all up to you

We are in a gigantic election of sorts. No, not the political kind. At least not here in the United States just yet. But the BIG election I am talking of is an everyday type of thing. We cast our votes, metaphorically, by what we put our attention on.

Your attention is a very valuable asset. There is a multi-billion-dollar industry, actually several industries, that want your vote (attention). The mainstream media wants your attention. The movie industry wants your attention. Every industry that runs commercials on the various media outlets wants your attention too. I am sure there are others if we put our attention on it. ;- )

When we talk about attention, there are two prominent types of attention. Our conscious attention and our subconscious attention.

It is well-known in some marketing circles, that the latter type of attention, our subconscious, is always listening. And there are those crafty marketers that write their copy to “talk to” your subconscious. “Four out of five men will develop [insert condition here].” Do you find yourself feeling dizzy when you hear “insert common activity here,” that you might be suffering from “insert condition here?” Well, Les, perhaps those numbers are correct. OK, sure. But still, your subconscious is listening. Listening with a childlike mind. And if you feed it enough times, eventually your subconscious can take on those beliefs. Once your subconscious is believing it, it will eventually manifest. This is why placebos work.

But wait … there’s more.

Mr. Farkel is a jerk. He is just mean.

When you think of someone, and you have assigned judgment to them, you are contributing your energy, as your attention, to them with the “vote” based on your judgment. You are actually voting for more of the same from them. This perpetuates them staying in that behavior. What you curse, curses you back. In other words, when you put your attention on a judgment, you are holding the vibration of your judgment within your own consciousness.

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.”  ~ Rumi

“I Am That I Am.” ~ God (as a burning bush)

“As It Is.” ~ Krishna (as the personification of God)

And then there are … distractions.

What if I can distract you? What if I can draw your attention away from much more important matters? I am literally stealing your vote. There are some very core “votes” going on. Votes about what our collective narrative will be. Who will hold the power of the people? Will it be, “We, the people?” Or will we become subjective to layers of control, thus losing our freedom(s)? The earth is flat. The moon landings are fake. Etc. All distractions designed to keep your vote, your attention, away from a much much bigger issue. Your freedoms.

I am not going to tell you much more, as I never want to sway your choice(s) based on what I would do. Because how can you truly own your sovereignty if you have given it away to anyone, including me?

All I am saying is, perhaps, look for a much, much bigger narrative going on. It won’t be in the MSM (mainstream media) headlines, at least not yet. It won’t be in the loudest banter, at least not yet.

Where are you putting your vote/attention? Perhaps look for new sources of where you get your information. Look for those information sources that are focused on the bigger picture. And then cast your vote, by putting your attention to it, for whatever you want more of.

What a most exciting time to be alive!

Love You!


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