You have your BEST future within you now

What is it going to be?

… so … what do you want?

Can you (at least) start to answer that right away? Do you know what you want? Is it clear to you? If you can, bravo! If you drew a blank, with no real answer, well then, it will be hard to know in which direction to go.

Heaven and Hell will both be experienced … today. This day. Heaven might look like the Love flowing out of a firstborn’s parents at the moment of birth. Or the first time a grandparent holds their first grandchild. Or perhaps the love of a parent to (finally ;- ) see their only child married, and thus soon to be finally moving out (humor). And hell? Human trafficking, child trafficking, war, rape and the list goes on and on.

So, when you paused and thought of what it is that you want … you did do that, didn’t you? Here is another opportunity. What do you want?

Clarity here is important. But there is another part to the puzzle. A while back, OK a few decades back, had I made my list of what it is I wanted … I wouldn’t have listed becoming a writer. Becoming a spiritual podcast host. A spiritual practitioner. Energy worker. They would not have made my list. But yet, here I am. And I am getting new inspirations for new aspects of my new human. Living the intentions of my heart and soul.

The ego, left to its own accord, typically doesn’t listen to that inner voice. That inner In-spiration. If we can train our ego to understand, then a whole new trajectory of our life shows up. In other words, the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment that come from following our heart and soul are like no other. It takes a deeper level of understanding by our ego, that we are here to fulfill a vision of our life that was there the day we were born. A vision that our ego cannot even fully understand. If our ego alone is making all of our choices throughout our day, then it will be unlikely that we will move much closer to heaven in our daily experiences. Yet, if our ego can pause, and allow the inspiration of our heart and soul to make themselves evident in the moment, then a new direction in our life-path can be born.

The ego is “managing” its life. It is choosing those things that it feels comfortable with. But our heart and soul have a different measuring stick, so to speak. The soul wants to grow and expand its consciousness, without end. The expansion of consciousness is an aspect of all of consciousness. And our hearts, left to their own devices, want to Love. To Love, with what might be seen as reckless abandon by the ego.

Love can be a difficult thing to master. Love hurts. Or so it seems. With a breakup, or the passing of a dear friend, Love can bring a very deep sense of loss, which can be very painful. It isn’t the Love itself, but the void of it that burns.

So, your BEST future, eh? When, on what day(s), will this future be realized? How about today? There is no finish line. We always have free will. Even if we “make it” to heaven, we (metaphorically) can turn around and go right back into the darkness, into the karma. Often we are taught that there is some kind of judgment day, always “out there” in the future. Not today. Not now. But you can feel heaven and hell right now. What the hell? Maybe we are missing the boat, so to speak. Maybe, if we can heal our relationship with Love, and teach our ego to stand down and let our hearts guide us, maybe then we can experience (unconditional) Love today. This day.

The journey is intended to be “harvested” all along the way. Harvested in the sense of what have you felt today? What have you loved today? How have you grown your consciousness today? Get good at those, and your whole journey might seem more and more like heaven. Heaven on Earth.

Love You!



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