When the Ego runs out of Gas

Who’s driving anyway?

Imagine, if you will … that you wake up on top of an old-fashioned stagecoach, with the horses running as fast as they can. You are on a horrible bumpy dirt road. The stagecoach is bouncing all over the road. The road narrows with cliffs on either side. Holy crap! One wrong move … and it’s all over (the cliff). Oh, the peril!

Egos like drama … ;- )

So you wake up, thinking that you just might not survive this perilous scene. You grab the reins, and try to bring it all under your control. (Can you see where this (stagecoach) is going? ;- )

When we talk about our spiritual journey, we are talking about the evolution of our own consciousness. At one end of said journey, we are our egos. Flat out. Where there aren’t any thoughts that we think, that didn’t originate from our egos. All mind. All ego.

At the other end? No thing. Really.

Wait … what?

The last mile, if you will, the last mile of our spiritual evolution is to return to Source Consciousness. Return to God Consciousness.

Who, or what, is the God I speak of? Can’t tell you. Not in words. Perhaps the closest words I can get might be …
Love and Light. Or, Love AS Light.

Please take a moment and listen to this short testimonial …

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The Last Mile, of our spiritual journey, is the last mile out of duality.

In the beginning … was the Light. And in the end, we return to … the Light.

So then, as we evolve our consciousness, we shift. In other words, we move up in our consciousness. You might think of it in octaves. Or perhaps as moving up our chakras. Kind of the same thing. But as we raise our consciousness, for every octave we ascend, everything changes.

Perhaps, to take a different perspective on this, let’s look at how we descend these octaves of consciousness. Imagine your soul is ready for some more difficult lessons to learn. And decides to incarnate just about two decades before World War II begins. Where the soul can see that it will be drafted, and thrown into the horrors of war. Some serious karmic lessons here for sure. In this one lifetime, it might drop more than one octave.

The crazy thing is, this happened. On this planet. You are in one of the most advanced classes on karma that there might be, in the whole of the entire galaxy.

When the villain, becomes the liberator.

My enemy is my greatest teacher. ~ Dalai Lama

When we are learning about karma, we are learning about posture. How we posture. (Most) villains wants to conquer the world outside of them in some way or another. If I conquer this (country, city, person) I will rule over what happens. They are trying to “control the reins.” Perhaps, at a very deep level, to feel like they are safe.

Likewise, when we, as individuals, have traversed far enough down the proverbial scale of karmic conditions, we end up in kind of the same mindset. I want to decide it all. I want to control everything about my life. I need to secure (more) money, resources, control to help ensure my (ego’s) survival. Yet, this kind of neurosis is behind every manner of suffering.

2020 and the following years crushed millions of such egos. Where what they had amassed as a sense of security, fell apart. My thriving lucrative travel business came to a crashing halt. What the hell! Nobody can travel. What the hell! I have lost control. I am no longer “safe.”

Change is the only norm. (And “normal” is the opposite of change ;- ) To truly master the art of living, is to let go of the proverbial reins. Your heart and soul know about next week, nest month and next year. There are countless stories about people who didn’t make it into work at the World Trade Center in NYC, on that fateful day of 9/11. Their soul had them miss their flight back to NYC the night before. They slept in. They “called in sick,” etc.

We live in a world of chaos. At least to our egos.

Our soul knows.

To run the ego dry, to run it “out of gas,” is to re-awaken to the higher consciousness within you now. The consciousness that knows. In that last mile, there is no-mind. There is no ego. As we reunite with the Light within us now, our ego dissolves. This is why I teach no-thought meditation. Those higher octaves of wisdom are available to you now. If you can tune IN to them.

From the higher perspective … your ego was never in (total) control. Your ego can never find the end of the journey because your ego won’t exist after you traverse the … last mile.

Love You!



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