returning to the light


When the Ego runs out of Gas Who’s driving anyway? Imagine, if you will … that you wake up on top of an old-fashioned stagecoach, with the horses running as fast as they can. You are on a horrible bumpy dirt road. The stagecoach is bouncing all over the road. The road narrows with cliffs on either side. Holy crap! One wrong move … and it’s all over (the cliff). Oh, the peril! Egos like drama … ;- ) So you wake up, thinking that you just might not survive this perilous scene. You grab the reins, and try to bring it all under your control. (Can you see where this (stagecoach) is going? ;- ) When we talk about our spiritual journey, we are talking about the evolution of our own consciousness. At one end of said journey, we are our egos. Flat out. Where there aren’t any thoughts that…