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Is there a Goddess in the House?

We need the Goddesses to lead the way. We have done the masculine thing, every flavor that there is, or so it seems. It is time now to to let go of the reins. To let go of the masculine flavor of control. And THAT can seem

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Live, Laugh, Love

You are here for the Human experience Now I am going to go out on a limb here. I am pretty sure you woke up this morning. And chances are good that you are conscious enough to read sentences. And if I asked you how many dogs you

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Love You. And Repeat

Love You? So often we can have regular thoughts in our daily lives that do not serve us. Thoughts that are operating in our heads that defer our own self-love. Thoughts that re-enforce a sense of self-judgment. Our own inner critic. Operating without our awareness. Our own sub-conscious

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