Stuck in the Mud

A form of stagnation

We are never stuck. Not really.

We can get “stuck” in the sense that we fall into a very repetitive pattern of thinking. A repetitive pattern of living. And the ego likes it there. Everything is predictable and “safe.” It might seem that it isn’t stuck. That is is rather nice. Preferred really.

Nothing is required. Nothing. Our fierce free agency says that we are free to do whatever we choose to do.

Before I got cracked open, my life was, in hindsight, rather stuck. Sure, I was working in Television. A career I really adored. I was quite content. But I wasn’t writing books, hosting podcasts, philosophizing the nature of our human genome, doing my inner work, nor was I dreaming of what my life could be. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

We are living in a time of the ego, really. Well, maybe not for much longer.

Our ego has carte blanche. In other words, our ego can consume all of our thoughts as we go about our day. Our ego has the very same free will. And, perhaps, that is where I was living before I got cracked open. It was, perhaps, a year or two after I got cracked open when the thought “write a book” entered my thoughts. What? More like WTF? Oh, hell no!

The spiritual awakening that the planet is going through could be seen as moving the majority of our consciousness out of our ego, and into our hearts. A lot of the struggles of humanity, over the last eons of time, could be seen as a case of overdosing on our egos. We didn’t have the spiritual impulse, at least not on any significant scale. Sure, we had religion, and Divine Consciousness will work with you no matter where you are. But to have our minds, our egos, studying spirituality from an inside point of view is rather new. The idea that you are a personification of the Divine, quite literally, is making headway in our collective consciousness.

There is a one-two punch so to speak. A dynamic duo within each one of us. And that is the Heart-Soul connection. The passion(s) of our heart and the vision of our soul are the dynamic combination that would have our lives constantly evolving. It was those two elements in me that planted the seeds of what I would become. All those elements of me that were offline when my ego was the dominant arena I “spent” my consciousness on every day were created in my consciousness, once I learned how to listen. Once I learned how to honor the passions of my heart and the vision of my soul.

I have been daydreaming my future for quite some time now. Decades, really. And still I get the impulse to “let go.” My ego can summarize the vision of my soul right now. Or so it thinks. I could recite several paragraphs about what I will be doing in my future, and yet, I am told to let go. In other words, and perhaps from a much bigger point of view, my ego can’t even conceive what my life could be. Let me say that again, my ego cannot comprehend the possibilities. My soul is a vast non-linear field of potentials. That can “re-invent” itself moment to moment. Perhaps the exact opposite of the notion of being “Stuck.” My soul doesn’t want a static image of my future. Not really. It is the ego that wants to see the whole path today, and then, somehow have our soul follow that map into the future. Then the ego would “know” the whole story all along the way.

Just recently, as I was focusing on my next actions, I again got the impulse to let go. Sure, “show up” moment to moment. Sure, be available to make choices and take actions, but guided in the moment, not so much as following a map that my ego contrived many years ago.

It can take a while for your ego to let go. It can take a while for the ego to get comfortable letting go (of the proverbial steering wheel). Listening to the guidance within ourselves. Guided, in the moment, by our heart and soul. When we shift our intentions to the bigger visions of what might be, then we enter a whole new realm of possibilities of our life. It can seem a bit scary to let go. But when we do, at least to some significant degree, our life expands. I feel like that expansion itself, is perhaps the Divine idea of the human narrative at play. Where we don’t live in such a patterned life, but rather live more in the moment, developing an interactive dialog with our heart and soul.

I don’t know what my life will become. I don’t know the bigger vision(s) of my life, at least not from my ego’s perspective. But I do know my soul has a vision of what my life could be, if I choose to show up for it, moment by moment. I do know that my life is much richer now, having written books, hosted hundreds of spiritual podcasts, and all the other tangents my heart and soul had in mind for me.

I let go, because I don’t want to miss a thing.

Be all you can be. Or not. As you wish.

Love You!



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