What is it going to be?

It is done unto You as You believe

There is a curious thing … about our egos. In our society, the ego can easily “move in” and consume all of our day-to-day consciousness. Life in the fast brain. Think Think Think.

But there is another realm of our persona.

It wasn’t obvious to me for many years. Decades, really. But there is another aspect of who we are that has an idea of what our life might be. A vision of our life, that was put in place before we were even born. One of the things I think is lacking in this world of ours is a persona that is living just the opposite. In other words, instead of living our lives from our ego alone, living our lives from the perspective of our hearts. Sure, there are folks that do live with an open heart. That live a heart-centered life. But I think there is even another layer of possibilities.

Our soul prefers to evolve. But a lot of times this just doesn’t happen. It is as if our ego is the lowest common denominator. Sure, if we ignore our heart and soul long enough, the cosmic two-by-four comes out, and we get cracked open. That is what it took for me to learn there are these other elements of myself, and they want time at the table. In other words, when we spend all of our time living in our mind/ego, we are not allowing our heart and soul any consciousness to occupy. Not allowing any of our attention to be given to them.

Our soul came up with a vision for our life. That right there is far beyond what most egos ever get around to even thinking. Sure, we have our moments, dreaming of a fabulous life. But I think that if we were to give the heart and soul all of the consciousness/awareness that they wanted, our lives would expand beyond what our egos could even imagine.

The catch is again the ego. We can be shown a vision for our lives, and we can even be shown the next steps. But the ego has the last say. Our mind (and thus ego) is the control panel for our bodies. We have this fierce free-will thingy. This is where we collapse what might have been. When we can’t bring ourselves to leave our comfort zones, we can’t take a step in a new direction, with a new outcome. That would be somewhat overwhelming to a docile ego. And thus, nothing new happens. We do not evolve ourselves. We do not engage the new trajectory.

This is a dysfunctional relationship between the ego and heart/soul. A very common condition here on this planet. To bring the ego around, and to teach the ego to trust and respect the desires of the heart and soul, this is the doorway to an uncommon life. Perhaps the Divine idea of the ego is to stay present, and when inspiration shows up, to trust it. To respect it with our attention, intentions and then actions. The better we get at this, the more our lives expand and evolve. Something our soul prefers, really.

How would you describe your ego’s relationship with your heart and soul? Do you feel you are honoring your life purpose? Don’t tell me, but do tell you!

Love You



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