Vibrational Equivalence

The Nature of Karma

There is an elegance. A grace you might say. What I am talking about is the mechanics of karma. I would say it is very similar to how a mirror works. A mirror is very graceful. It, without effort or motive, simply reflects back what is “shown” to it.

How you experience “reality” is just as graceful. For what you are experiencing is your own personal energy persona, being reflected back to you through the quantum mirror. It is an impersonal reflection of … yourself. Your karma fabricates your experience of your “reality,” and yet it is impersonal. Karma, like gravity, is impersonal and indifferent.

When we desire something, and perhaps have a difficult time creating it, that difficulty is based on the presence of incongruent energies within our personal energy persona. Our karma itself. The more karma you have in your personal energy persona, the more “karmic momentum” you have, and thus, a difficulty in creating a new experience.

There is a type of “get out of jail free” card that you can use to change how you experience your karma … right now.

Your karma, to a large degree, is based on patterns of re-actions. Creating the same patterns of re-sults.

To turn on a dime, so to speak, is to break those patterns. A large part of our karmic experiences is a mental-emotional dynamic. As we have discussed before, our emotions are impersonal too. The emotions have a particular feeling to them. For example, anger feels like … well … anger. But when we have mental patterns of avoidance, based on a history of a feeling, it is our mind that drops into patterns of re-actions. The anger itself does not have a built-in re-action. It doesn’t have any motive of its own. We can change, in a moment, our association we have with any particular emotion.

Have you ever found a food, where the first time you tasted it, the taste wasn’t “enjoyable?” Something that has an acquired taste. Like, perhaps, beer. lol. I remember when I first tasted beer, it tasted like swamp water. Yuck! Why is this swill so popular? Yet, after bucking hay on the farm in 100+ degree (F) heat, that very same beer tasted divine. The beer didn’t change, but my relationship with beer changed.

When we want a different experience, we can change our relationship with how our emotions “set us off.” We can reprogram our minds to “see” our emotions differently. Today. We can change our experience of our emotions at any time along the journey.

Now, to what we want to create in our life. There is a vibrational equivalence to our desire(s). In other words, since the quantum mirror creates our “reality” based on our own energetic composition, there is an energetic recipe, of sorts, that will reflect back to us that which we desire. When we are energetically in alignment with what we desire, we will experience it as our quantum reflection. So, to fulfill our desires, is to come into vibrational equivalence to our desires, energetically. So, energy work is learning how to create “new” experiences for ourselves. The better you get at cleansing your energy, the more refined of a creator you become.

When you cleanse your energy, your inner chi, you are cleaning your quantum reflection as well. Scrub-a-dub-dub.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nicola Tesla

Love You!



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