A Merit of One

There is no difference

The Burning Bush, perhaps, said it best. I AM that I AM.

This ties in nicely with the notion of the Quantum Mirror. Every reflection has equal measure or importance. In other words, a mirror has no preference to any particular image or images. The reflection of the quantum mirror (reality) will be whatever it is shown. Our consciousness, as energy, determines our “reality.” The energy, or chi, of our consciousness is the energy that is reflected back to us, by the quantum mirror, as our own personal reality. The (quantum) mirror itself is indifferent. We have fierce free will to create. Without limits or boundaries from the principles of creation. God has no personal bias to our choices, and thus outcomes. I AM that I AM. Or as the Bhagavad Gita said it … As It Is.

God, with a big ‘G’, doesn’t violate our free will. It is quite clear that perhaps a billion, or many billions of, prayers have been prayed over the millennia. God, please come and save us from our suffering. Crickets … No God, with a big “G’, has shown up to silence the guns. To end the suffering. The outcome is deferred to us. It is done unto You as You believe.

So, who is steering or choosing your consciousness, or in other words, who is creating your reality?

Who is this Who I ask about?

In our culture, for the vast majority of humanity, the ego is the “who.” Our egos have been the ones dictating our outcomes, or our (quantum) reflections. For many millennia, the ego has been the director of our lives. Certainly not the only ones. There are people who live from the guidance of their Heart and Soul. And perhaps many live from a little of both.

Many people are searching for a sense of fulfillment. A sense of satisfaction. Perhaps a sense of wholeness. Perhaps this is the root of the desire for the Soul to evolve itself. Perhaps a never-ending desire to evolve our sense of self. There can be a bit of a tug-of-war. A contradiction of what is preferred. The Heart and Soul can say … let’s evolve, let’s try new dynamics, let’s open ourselves up to a bigger sense of who we are, while the ego might say, I don’t know what the outcome of that will be. Let’s stay where we are.

You can’t do it wrong. And you can’t do it all.

Duality, or the “shadow,” affords us a canvas of creation. It is the separation of consciousness (duality) that created the ability to create anything. The darker the shadow, the more intense the diversity of creations. In other words, we have chosen, as a collective of souls, to go into extreme contrast. Into the darkest of shadow(s). We chose to come to a planet that has so much suffering. We chose to come here, to see if we can find that Divine spark within us, all the while walking through the karmic tsunami. We are (the personification of) God that will answer our own prayers. There is no consciousness outside of Divine consciousness. We are the vehicle of God. We are the portal through which our own prayers are answered. When we pray, we are shown the vibrational equivalent of what we desire. The energetic “seed” of the answer to our prayer(s).

Try this prayer on … if you dare…

Divine God Divine Goddess, please show me how I can be a bigger vessel of compassion for humanity.

Then just see what ideas or visions pop into your consciousness. The energetic seeds of what you have asked for. And through your (Divine) consciousness, once you have achieved vibrational equivalence to that answer to your prayer, the quantum mirror will reflect that back to you as the answer to your prayer. God/Goddess will have answered your prayer, through you. It is done unto You as You believe.

Love You



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