If Consciousness were your Currency

How are You spending Your Consciousness?

Spending our consciousness. Spending our attention. Each day we wake up and the “spending” begins. But I want to look at the wake, or results, of our spending.

Are you creating karma as you go throughout your day? I certainly was, and I had no idea that I was.

We are metaphorically “launched” out of our family of origin with ingrained karmic tendencies. We are born, we grow up, and we move out of our family of origin. At least, that’s the idea. ;- )

I had my karmic trajectories or karmic momentum in place before I moved out to create a life of my own. I had karmic habits, that were accumulating karma into my psyche, instilled in me as a child.

For example, let’s look at road rage. Where did all that energy, that explosive energy that is triggered, where did that energy come from? How did the person that has the trait of road rage get so much energy stored up within themselves? Was it an intentional act? Or did they have fundamental behaviors instilled in them as a child, that had them accumulating energy within their psyche all through their journey into adulthood.

Karma could be seen as energy we accumulate as we go throughout our lives. To put it into simpler terms, karma is our own consciousness that we have not resolved in the moment, that gets pushed into our subconscious. The “energy” of karma is our own consciousness itself. Ha! I just thought of karma as a (dysfunctional) savings plan! lol. We put away some of our consciousness into “savings” (our subconscious) every day as we avoid certain emotions. “Saving” for the future. Accumulating the energy of our consciousness by not fully processing our everyday encounters. Storing up more and more of it so we can have emotionally charged karmic events down the road.

For example, I was raised in a household where anger was a decisive emotion. I learned at an early age that when anger showed up in the household dynamics, everyone cringed. I learned that I didn’t want to be the one to trigger any anger event(s), so it was safer to never show my own anger, lest I trigger another anger event in the household. I didn’t want to show my anger. So I put in a subconscious mechanism to avoid the emotion of anger at all cost. That didn’t mean I didn’t have anger show up in my day-to-day living. But rather, subconsciously I would suppress my anger before my ego ever felt it. So, I was accumulating anger as I went through my life, and I had no idea that I was doing that.

If consciousness were your currency, you might not want to “save” any of it. This would mean that you are karmically processing ALL of your feelings as you go throughout your day. Everything we don’t consciously feel gets stored into our subconscious. I was having the feelings of anger, but it never made itself into my conscious awareness. So after a few decades, my subconscious anger was the elephant in the room. It was strongarming me throughout my day. In other words, I had subconscious “protection” mechanisms operating below my radar, that were charging up my subconscious with the very emotions I was avoiding. Anger was deciding a lot of my choices and actions or in-actions.

It was also taking a toll on my body. I was starting to get ulcers and I had digestive tract problems for decades. All of that went away once I did connect with my subconscious anger, and released it from my psyche.

Are you storing any of your conscious currency? Are you subconsciously avoiding any emotions? Do you posture with certain emotions, perhaps avoiding them at all cost?

To stay karmically “clean” as you go throughout your day is to be fully conscious of all of your feelings, in each and every moment. Which would suggest that you heal your relationships with all of your emotions.

What emotions would trigger your parents? Imagine sitting at your dinner table as a child. What emotions would get a “that’s enough of that” type of response from your parents? Or perhaps you never saw some emotions at all. Could your parent laugh, really laugh, or cry, or show vulnerability in front of you? Take some time and think about your family dynamics as it relates to the full range of emotions. You might have bad spending habits with the currency of your consciousness that are still in place. You might be accumulating karma, and not even know it.

Love You!



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