fearing emotions


If Consciousness were your Currency How are You spending Your Consciousness? Spending our consciousness. Spending our attention. Each day we wake up and the “spending” begins. But I want to look at the wake, or results, of our spending. Are you creating karma as you go throughout your day? I certainly was, and I had no idea that I was. We are metaphorically “launched” out of our family of origin with ingrained karmic tendencies. We are born, we grow up, and we move out of our family of origin. At least, that’s the idea. ;- ) I had my karmic trajectories or karmic momentum in place before I moved out to create a life of my own. I had karmic habits, that were accumulating karma into my psyche, instilled in me as a child. For example, let’s look at road rage. Where did all that energy, that explosive energy that is…