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What Do You Desire?

What Do You Desire? Desire is an inside journey What is it that you desire? What would you change about your life? What would it feel like to have your desires fulfilled? There is a curious concept. The notion that God Divine doesn’t have any plan for

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The Vision of Your Soul

The Vision of Your Soul What is the plan? Your ego is assigning value to each one of these words, right here, right now… But what about the vision of your Soul? What is the plan for THIS life of yours? What are the core life lessons

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Ding Dong … Your Karma Has Arrived

Ding Dong … Your Karma Has Arrived The Family and the Karma Ding Dong … The family has arrived for the holidays … And you feel??? The holidays are great times to get in touch with your family of origin. Those that raised you. Those that grew

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Desire as the Root of Creation

Desire as the Root of Creation Your desires are a Divine attribute When Divine Goddess first had the idea of creation, before handing it over to Divine Masculine to bring it into form, there was no end. There was no specific intent. Like once the world became

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All Of Your Desires Are Held In Your Divine Escrow

All Of Your Desires Are Held In Your Divine Escrow Everything You desire shall come to pass Do you know who you are? Do you really know who you are? Your soul is timeless. Timeless. Think about that for just a second. For just a second or

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Heaven is Within You Now

Everything we seek can be found within us now It has been said that everything OUTSIDE of us is an illusion. That every thing we see literally is not “real.” Yet there is a truth in our world that we CAN hang our hats on. And that

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Eons of time … to bring Us this moment

Living the Dream The journey of the Soul is such a timeless story. Since perhaps the beginning of time, Souls have looked at opportunities for incarnation. Our recent centuries have held so many varieties of archetypal experiences for us to embody. Very exciting opportunities. Stories of bravery

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We, the people, are the source of authentic power

When the Citizens heal (enlighten) the kingdom will thrive … every time So what is your idea of power? What does “powerful” mean to you? An army? A hurricane? Nuclear power? What is powerful? If you were to imagine the appearance of power, what would that be?

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We have forever, now hurry up!

Where ARE you going? Are we there yet? Have we “awakened?” Are we stuck in nirvana? Overwhelmed with bliss? When I look at people’s energy, one of the most common energies I feel is an anxiousness. A sense of angst about the moment. Well, it isn’t really

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Serenading the Divine

We live in a sea of Divinity, yet what does our mind see? Don’t look now, but God is here. With a well-trained eye, one can see the Divine right here, right now. The universe is not divided against itself. It is a whole. Complete. Inclusive. Now.

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