Are You on God’s side?

Best be on the “safe” side

When we are on a spiritual journey or quest, we want to come out on the “right” side. Right?

I mean, it’s a journey. If I don’t go the “right” way, I won’t end up at the “right” place. This can be the basis of the idea of a right vs. wrong mentality. Certainly, if given a choice between right and wrong, we typically want to choose the “right” answer. I mean, who wants to be intentionally wrong?

Are we not coming out of the metaphorical darkness? Are we not becoming more and more awake? Are we not choosing the better choices because we have awakened on some level(s)? Sure. Seems to be what’s happening. But wait, we are coming “out of the darkness.” Out of it. Which means some where, some when, we decided, on some level, to go into the darkness. If we are our spiritual journey (back) to Heaven, then at some point we must have left Heaven. We must have left Heaven.

There is a place within us, that is unchanged. Perhaps you could call it “unchangeable.” A timeless aspect of ourselves that has been with us in every moment of all of our life(s). You could call it you Innate Self. The BIG you. The timeless you. The (only) real you.

Everything we might think about ourselves, might be just temporary. In other words, all the various ways we “see” ourselves, might just be temporal lenses of sorts. Perhaps you see yourself as a man or a woman in this lifetime. Perhaps you see yourself as a doctor, publisher, or carpenter. Perhaps you have archetypes that you might use to describe yourself. I am a victim. I am a villain. I am the hero. I am the slave. We can expound upon this with some judgments. I am overall a pretty good person. I am guilty of so much sin. I have done horrible things in my past. I am not worthy of …

Whatever our “story” is, it is our story. It is the lens we are looking through. It is the lens we are “seeing” through. It is the way we see ourselves and our world through. It is our story. And it is our shadow of sorts. For many of us, we are looking thought the lens we have made for ourselves, in this lifetime. In this lifetime, we are on a spiritual journey (back) to Heaven. We are seeking higher consciousness. We are seeking our own Divinity. Our our Divinity is not seeking us, because our own Divinity has never left us. Our innate Self, that portal of consciousness within us now, is what all of this is riding upon.

Our ego has no consciousness of its own. Our ego does not have a source of consciousness outside of Source or God Consciousness. Our egos don’t run on some energy outside of God Energy or God Consciousness. Because there is no consciousness outside of Source or God Consciousness. Source Consciousness is … well … the Source of all that is or ever was or ever will be. “I am the beginning and the end” (God describing God). We never left God. Not in a real way. We did create a (artificial) sense of separation. Thus the need for a journey, to go to where God is now. If we were to magically erase all of the distortions in the proverbial lens we are looking through, we would see the God, or Source Consciousness within us now. Our Innate Self. Who has never left us.

Love You!


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