from darkness to light


Are You on God’s side? Best be on the “safe” side When we are on a spiritual journey or quest, we want to come out on the “right” side. Right? I mean, it’s a journey. If I don’t go the “right” way, I won’t end up at the “right” place. This can be the basis of the idea of a right vs. wrong mentality. Certainly, if given a choice between right and wrong, we typically want to choose the “right” answer. I mean, who wants to be intentionally wrong? Are we not coming out of the metaphorical darkness? Are we not becoming more and more awake? Are we not choosing the better choices because we have awakened on some level(s)? Sure. Seems to be what’s happening. But wait, we are coming “out of the darkness.” Out of it. Which means some where, some when, we decided, on some level, to…