God Consciousness


Where Is Your Nirvana? You ARE sitting in the best seat in the house What are you looking for? What will it feel like when you get it?If you are wanting something that will not fulfill you, then perhaps you don’t really want fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong. You can want whatever you want. But then again, if what you want isn’t bringing a sense of fulfillment, then you don’t have the grounds to complain about not feeling fulfilled.The ego gets to choose. There are no requirements.But Nirvana. Wow. What would that feel like?You are sitting in the best seat in the house. I mean … really, nice booty! ;- )Millions of people are drowning in the mundane. With no sense of fulfillment in their lives. As it is their choice to choose, you too have fierce free will to choose whatever you want.So, maybe, it really comes down to what do you want?…