By Becoming Empty, You Become Full

The re-integration of your Soul

There is an emptiness, a purity you might say, regarding the language of the burning bush. “I Am That I Am.”

No posturing. No real “information.” No stance. No thing.

When we look to make progress on our spiritual journey, we can search out information. Books, podcasts, lectures, etc. That is just fine. But within the last mile of our spiritual journey, there is a purging of … really everything. It is not that information does not have its value, but rather, the information itself creates a belief. It is done unto us as we believe.

It is easy to see the vast collage of beliefs that people are owning. And yet, across those vast belief systems, is a great diversity. There is so much going on in the news these days. With each side stating their belief system(s), and finding their own personal truth to their beliefs.

The Christian religion, many generations ago, proclaimed their very staunch beliefs. That if you wouldn’t believe in their God, that you would be sent to hell. And sure enough, they thus dispatched the Crusades and delivered the promised hell to the non-believers. It is done unto us as we believe.

We are so far down the rabbit hole. Metaphorically, our belief system(s) of the collective are based on many centuries of accumulated narratives. If we were to back the narrative(s) up, way, way back to the Adam and Eve era, we would see a real lack of complex beliefs. No complex narratives. No long-standing beliefs entrenched in the collective consciousness of humanity. No traditions of beliefs to join. A real stripped-down (naked ;- ) set of beliefs.

When we start to progress through the last mile of our spiritual journey, to the spark of God/Goddess Consciousness at the core of our being, we can see that it is all a self-fulfilling mechanism. Everyone is correct, when it comes to their belief systems, because it is their belief system itself that is creating their “reality.”

Truth, with a capital ‘T’, existed before language or religions. It is a formless form of Truth. Yet our egos can only try to understand it through the symbols of words, and thus our thoughts. But our Hearts, being a multi-dimensional intelligence within us, can measure truth based on its resonance. Our Hearts can weigh information and establish how congruent, or in-congruent, we are with the Big Truth.

The Big Truth has a very simple language. A very naked proclamation, you might say. “It is done unto you as you believe.” Whatever that is … is.   “It” is because of you. You are the one creating your truth, your narrative(s), your beliefs.

The more attached you are to your beliefs, the more stress and struggle you experience.

By becoming empty of staunch and rigid beliefs, the more you become full of Truth with a Big ‘T’. As it is.

As you wish, so shall it be!

Love You!



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