Feel the Rain

From a drizzle to a downpour

Have you ever been caught in the rain? I mean really drenched? Oh what a feeling!

Have you ever been devastated by your emotions and feelings? Brought to your knees? Wiped out?

If you don’t feel your feelings, when they are (rather) mild, like a drizzle, you will feel them later like a torrential downpour. We get ourselves stuck with our feelings and emotions when we start to posture with them. When we start to suppress them. When we start to avoid them.

But perhaps the biggest karmic influence our emotions can have, is when we don’t even know the (subconscious) posture we have with them. Then we tend to accumulate more and more karmic energy within us. We tend to collapse our lives into deeper and deeper troughs of preferences. Avoiding whole arenas of options, choices, and thus outcomes. Collapsing our Soul’s ability to choose. It is in situations like this that there becomes no choice but the proverbial cosmic two-by-four to crack you (back) open. In other words, when we get so entrenched in our emotional karmic stigmas, our Soul might have no choice but to shock us out of our karmic slumber.

This is where a major event is brought into your life to wake you up. Perhaps a loss of your job or marriage. Or an accident or catastrophe. Or a dis-ease or health crisis.

There is a scale of sorts. A measuring stick, you might say. That lets you know how functional or dysfunctional your emotional demeanor is.

That is time itself. How long do your emotional events last? How long do you feel an emotional event? When you get mad at someone, how long does it last? Do you brood about it? Do you (mentally) lash out at them in your thoughts? Do you blame them for how you are feeling? All these behaviors just keep you stuck. They keep you in repetitive emotional patterning.

Back to the time thingy. Emotions, once you have healed your relationship with them, completely happen in the moment. Done in mere moments. Your emotions are messengers of sorts. Your gut sinks and your chest contracts a bit … “You are not honoring yourself” … message delivered. Done.

Karma, in its simplest definition, is our past influencing our present.

When we accumulate our emotions because we have mental habits and patterns of posturing, we create a karmic momentum of sorts. These are present as unresolved emotional energy that we have accumulated over our life, and lifetimes. Until we become conscious of them, we really don’t have much freedom. Our Soul has its proverbial hands tied. Where our Soul can push inspiration to us, but our ego ignores it and stays in the postured patterns. Ignoring new possibilities, and thus new outcomes.

Often we will get metaphorically burned in a relationship. Where there is such staunch emotional turmoil, that once we break free of the relationship, we want to avoid experiencing that ever again. It’s not that we have healed. By no means. We have struggled with the posturing of our emotions, and avoided really feeling them at all cost. Then, very often, a curious thing happens. We will search out other emotionally wounded people, who don’t want to “go there” either. We find people who will not rock the boat, so to speak. People who posture with the same emotional stigmas we have. And there becomes an agreement that we, as a couple, will not go there.

As you go about your life, see if you notice couples that are spontaneous and adventuresome. Who might cry together or get into a healthy argument, and then make up and maybe make out. And then look for just the opposite. Those couples that have a sort of monotone in their demeanor. Where the emotional arena that is acceptable is rather mundane and non-threatening. The walking dead emotionally.

To truly be free of emotional karmic stigmas is to feel them. If you haven’t really been feeling your feelings, you might have some (subconscious) karmic housecleaning to do.

Love You!


P.S. Next week’s interview with RJ Spina is superb!


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