I do Mind. I don’t Mind.

Who is running the show?

So, let me ask you a simple question. What percentage of your thoughts, that you have today, what percentage is being made by your conscious mind? And, likewise, what percentage is being made by your subconscious mind? What is that ratio? 50/50? 10/90? 90/10?

Another question. If you were to look at your conscious thoughts, the ones you are consciously making, how similar are the conscious thoughts you are making today, to the conscious thoughts you made yesterday? In other words, how similar are your conscious thoughts, day to day?

Another question. Is this too many questions? ;- )

The curious thing about our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, is that they fall into quite distinct patterns. These somewhat linear troughs or ruts of sorts. These patterned paths that we “follow” day in and day out. This is what our “normal” is made of. This is what our “normal” day(s) look like. Normal, by its very nature … means more of the same. Normal, again by its very nature, will not be involved in change. As change is breaking out of our “normal.”

So, is there an aspect of your life that you would want to change? Do you have affirmations of what you want more of? Statements of affirmation that are intended to seed new thoughts, and thus, new outcomes? I want to be happier. I want to live an abundant lifestyle. I want a romantic partner. I want … change of some sort.

Well, wait. Wait just a minute. There is an elephant in the room. I mean, we are talking about our mind, and all the thoughts it is making. Both consciously and subconsciously. And, indeed, it is our mind that is “having” our thoughts. But wait, there’s more (from Les ;- ). There is more to it than just our thoughts. And that is our emotions. The elephant in the room when we come to talking about our patterned thinking. It turns out, our emotions, that we felt in our childhood environment, have set ourselves up for our own particular sets of patterns. Our own sets of behaviors. Our own karmic momentum, if you will.

So, I will just pick a topic, an activity really. Speaking in public. I am just picking a random, relatively non-personal activity. That you might, or might not have a subconscious posture with. The stadium is full. With a record attendance. Tens of thousands of people await your speech. They have all come from far and wide to see a single speaker, you. You are the whole show. Nobody else will say a word. You are standing backstage, and you can feel the pressure. Perhaps you have never made a public speech before. Perhaps this whole thing feels so out of your comfort zone. Out of your “normal” daily experience. You have 90 minutes to fill. And the backstage curtain opens … you can see the sea of people all excited to hear you speak. As they see you start to walk out on stage, the crowd cheers! A super loud wave of applause hits you like a ton of bricks. It will be your emotions that you will need to push through to walk out on stage. And to stand and deliver. (You were fabulous, by the way. Two encore returns to the mic. The people Loved You!)

Sure, you might have had a whole collage of thoughts running through your mind. I can’t do this. Who am I to tell anyone anything? I don’t have anything of value to say, etc. But underneath those thoughts, were the emotions that fed that stream of narrative that raced through your mind as the moment came closer and closer. It was your emotions that crafted those repetitive patterns of thoughts.

Our emotions really do run the show, until they don’t. We tend to set up our posturing with our emotions, from patterns that were established from our family of origin. The emotional dynamics of our family environment set the stage with what our “normal” will be. And once we click off a decade or two, we tend to have settled in to very definitive patterns of thoughts. Patterns of comfort, really. We tend to choose, day in and day out, patterns of thoughts that keep our normal, the norm. For the day, the week, the month, the year, the decade. The lifetime, really, if we never stop to become conscious of our subconscious tendencies.

What makes this so strange, is that our emotions have no patterning of their own. No patterning whatsoever. It is like going to the proverbial “Echo Canyon.” Where whatever you shout out, is echoed back to you. The echoes themselves don’t have any patterns to them. The second you change what you are shouting out, the echo immediately responds in kind. So too, our emotions have no momentum of their own. Just like an echo, our emotions are a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. The moment we change our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, what we feel … our emotions change as well. It is the mental patterning, both consciously, and subconsciously, that keeps us in our normal patterned narratives.

Sweet Emotions. Our feedback mechanism to tell us if we prefer what we are currently thinking, believing, and our attitudes towards our life.

In general, if you haven’t been doing any internal work, the ratio of conscious to subconscious thoughts throughout your day is approximately 10/90. Ten percent of your thoughts are your conscious thoughts and 90 percent of your thoughts are happening subconsciously. So your subconscious narrative is the prominent momentum to creating your “normal” life. It is also said that Awakened Masters have no subconscious, and thus no subconscious thoughts. Where they are conscious of 100 percent of their thoughts.

Love You!



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