The Evolution of Your Soul

Got Soul?

So here we are. Well, I mean … I am over “here.” And You are … ???

Well, which “You?”

Are you evolving your sense of Self? It is quite common for folks to have a list of identities, ready to dispense them as soon as they meet someone who asks them, “Tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I work in the TV industry as an engineer. I have three kids and a grandchild. I design computer and electronic circuits, etc.”

What would your list be?

And indeed, you are correct. All well-defined and established. Nice. This is the identity of your ego.

But then there is your Soul. When it comes to evolution, anyone standing still, is moving backwards. In other words, if you are not evolving your sense of Self, then you are staying in the past. It is not like we have to take on new identities to evolve. But rather, let go of them. This does not negate them in any way, shape or form. We do not become lesser at all. But when we let go of a structured sense of Self, we are opening up the portal of our Soul.

Enter change. Enter struggle. Enter challenges.

When we have a rigid sense of Self, we can’t see many choices that could help us evolve through our struggles. A lot of times, our Soul might choose struggles to help break up our rigid sense of Self. For myself, I had what I like to call … a single narrative running. That idea that what I “was” was some kind of established identity. I work in the TV industry as an engineer. I have three kids and a grandchild, etc. And then I got cracked open. That is when it all changed for me.

Not long after I got cracked open, my mind was much more open. I had discovered that I had these emotional “charges” or “emotional tanks” of unresolved emotions within me. I had been totally clueless to these aspects of myself. My Soul, soon thereafter, told me to scan my persona for more unresolved energy. It was then, more than 25 years ago, that I developed a daily practice of doing energy work on myself. Guided by my Soul. Had my Soul told me to do such a thing, scan my persona for hidden packets of unresolved emotions, I probably would have ignored it. It didn’t “fit.” It didn’t land in my comfort zone of who I “thought” I was.

Over time, having this daily practice of clearing my personal energy persona, I started to change. And change, or evolve, I did. I quit getting sick. It’s been years with not even a cold. Also, my tendency to emotionally re-act to events, calmed. I could stay centered even under great emotional duress. And even those big emotional struggles started to fade away. My ego learned to heal its relationships with all of my emotions. It is not that I am “done.” But I now see my emotions as a powerful aspect of myself. My angry self, my sad, confused, disappointed and fearful self have valuable information for me. I don’t feel so postured with my life. It is if I became transparent, and life just flows through me like an open door. I am free.

By becoming empty of rigid identities, it allows our Soul to BE whoever we need to be in the moment, to traverse the changes before us. This is not at the expense of our morals or integrity, but it does allow ourselves much more wiggle room in how we respond to the challenges of our lives.

My Soul feeds me new ideas all the time. Something that I would have certainly ignored before I got cracked open. I was living a single narrative. A single sense of Self. But now, my Soul tells me to investigate water. OK. Contemplate structures within cultures, and look for karmic consequences. OK. Take inventory of archetypes that I feel I have active, and consider archetypes that might complement them. Things like this come up all the time. Yet, before I got cracked open, these ideas would not have had a place to land in my sense of Self.

Do whatever you want … forever. Your ego can easily consume all of your thoughts throughout your day. But your Soul wants to evolve.

In you, through you, as you.

Love You!



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