Paint the Picture You Desire

As You Wish

There is a momentum of sorts. Living this human experience. We are all having a “normal” experience. Today might seem very familiar. Perhaps just like yesterday. It is at least normal to us. Yet, your normal day and my normal day can be completely different. We are all having our own unique experience(s) of life. Sure, there is a common set of experiences. Laughter is an example of similar experiences.

Yet, the Guru and the Maniac live in the “same” world.

What are your experiences of your life? Are there repetitive experiences that you don’t like? Perhaps you butt heads with someone at work. Or perhaps you and your spouse spar it out often. Arguing over this or that. Something you might not prefer. Or there is the notion of avoidance. You avoid the butthead at work or avoid arguments with your spouse. If you are posturing with your day, carefully navigating through all your interactions trying to protect your sanity, you are delaying your freedom.

We live in a fantastic “reality.” We are given fierce freedom on this planet. That fierce freedom affords fierce consequences. War, pain and suffering are common on this planet. Ugh. What the Hell. Hell indeed. But Heaven is also on the proverbial menu.

When we avoid experiences because of how they make us feel, we are saving the “lesson(s)” for later. Emotions are a very clever mechanism, in that they tell us our relationship with “what is.” In other words, our relationship with our “reality.”  I think it was the Buddha that said, “All suffering comes from failing to accept … what is.” You can think of repetitive emotions, that we consider difficult, as a feedback mechanism showing us where we can grow ourselves. The louder the emotions, the more charge we have accumulated with them. Road rage is such a useful example. And it works so well here. How the hell did so much anger, so much rage, get accumulated? Accumulated. Collected.

When we bump up against our emotions … one of two things typically happens. The healthy one is the feeling of the emotion. Being completely present in the feeling. Allowing it to come up, be felt, and released in the moment. Keeping our karmic disposition from taking on the emotion. And the second one results in the accumulation of the energy of the emotion. Where we feel the feeling come up in our experience, and then we react. I don’t like this feeling. For whatever reason. And then we make the choice, perhaps subconsciously, to suppress the feeling. Accumulating the energy of the emotion into our subconscious. Just like road rage. The reason it is such an intense experience, is that so much charge, emotional charge, has accumulated over time. But having an avoidance stance with the emotion, the “lesson” (energy) of the emotion becomes more intense. The arguments become more intense. Until, perhaps, you leave the relationship because it is too intense. Taking your emotional charge or karma with you. To find a “new” teacher to mirror your unresolved emotional dispositions back to you.

But what I really want is love, laughter, joy, happiness, adventure, excitement and passion.

All of those things await you. You can experience them all today. You don’t have to completely heal yourself before you can experience them. But if you bump up against events in your day that trigger your unresolved emotions, you might get sidetracked. Where you drop into your emotional reaction patterns. Your ego can even plan your day, to avoid such things from happening. But in doing so, it also avoids opportunities for you to experience more of what you want.

To clean out your karmic imprinting, within your own subconscious, you become free. In other words, once you have discharged, or healed, your karmic stigmas within your subconscious, there is nothing there to get triggered. You can traverse “reality” and stay grounded, centered and focused. That’s when your wand starts working (better). The more your thoughts are completely in unison with what you want, then you will surely have it.

By releasing the energy that is incongruent with what you want, you change your effect. You become the conscious creator of your life. Where you can paint a picture of the life you prefer, and there is nothing energetically incongruent with your painting or desire. Where you are the embodiment of what you desire. Where you paint the picture of what you desire, and the universe reflects just that back to you. By becoming energetically pure, we become transparent to the desires of our Soul. Where the energy of our Soul has a clean canvas of sorts. Where our energetic disposition doesn’t have any unresolved energy within us. And our Heart and Soul can be the totality of energy that we project throughout our day. Where the Love of our heart is the bulk of our energy. And thus the bulk of what is reflected back to us. Emit Love and receive Love back.

The ability to Love what is, even the shadow, is to enter the doorway to Heaven on Earth.

“Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.” ~ Rumi

Love You



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