clearing your karmic imprinting


Paint the Picture You Desire As You Wish There is a momentum of sorts. Living this human experience. We are all having a “normal” experience. Today might seem very familiar. Perhaps just like yesterday. It is at least normal to us. Yet, your normal day and my normal day can be completely different. We are all having our own unique experience(s) of life. Sure, there is a common set of experiences. Laughter is an example of similar experiences. Yet, the Guru and the Maniac live in the “same” world. What are your experiences of your life? Are there repetitive experiences that you don’t like? Perhaps you butt heads with someone at work. Or perhaps you and your spouse spar it out often. Arguing over this or that. Something you might not prefer. Or there is the notion of avoidance. You avoid the butthead at work or avoid arguments with your…