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Enjoying the Journey

Heaven and Hell are both possible today Did you enjoy yesterday? Are there moments from yesterday that you can remember that make you smile? What about today? This day. Right now. As Souls incarnate, we always have free-agency to create as we choose. Often our religions have

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Christ Consciousness to You

Christ Consciousness to You Where is it that we are headed? When we think of the “spiritual” journey … where is it exactly that we are going? To get clear about what is the destination of this spiritual journey? Is it a place on a map? Once

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What Do You Desire?

What Do You Desire? Desire is an inside journey What is it that you desire? What would you change about your life? What would it feel like to have your desires fulfilled? There is a curious concept. The notion that God Divine doesn’t have any plan for

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Living the Life You Love

The Divine expresses through you, as you How good can you stand it? I mean. If indeed we are the portal of the Divine, expressing as ourselves, then what would heaven look like, to you? There is a pattern that is very common on this planet. And

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Mind the Gap

What is your relationship with creation itself? When we consider the notion that we are the creator incarnate, it can seem like we are just “part” of creation. I mean, there is this “me” and then there is the world and the universe outside of me. Therefore

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Equality and Freedom

Discovering the cost of judgement The idea of righteous living can be a very enslaving mindset. From the introduction of sin, there has been a deep karmic posture in the righteous movement of humanity. The notion of posturing ourselves to stay on the good side of God

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