Want a Fresh Start?

There is no better time …

Is it time for a change? Are you looking for a fresh start?

There is no momentum to living. Well, yes there is. There is no momentum “out there.” In other words, the universe is not holding a scorecard with your name on it. There is no “momentum” as far as the universe is concerned. There is no “current status.” You are free. Yet we can have a very deep sense of momentum. “I have been here before, and here I am again.” Perhaps you might have said this before. Where you find yourself in the same predicament as before. “My spouse wants a divorce … again. This makes it three different spouses now that have wanted to divorce me.” “I always find myself … [insert condition here].” Is the universe the one that consistently brings me these patterns of experiences?

The universe out there is indifferent. It has no sense of “time.” All of the momentum to living comes from within us. The momentum we experience is coming from our human demeanor. Our karmic demeanor. Karma has a momentum to it. It is that karmic demeanor that creates the repetitive patterns in our life experiences. Our karma can be very deep in our psyche. Much of our core momentum, those traits that have been with us the longest, can come from childhood imprinting. Our Soul chose it all as well. We looked at the environment that we would be born into. And thus, we chose the karmic imprinting that we would take on. When we are born, we are a “clean slate” of sorts. As a baby, and later as a child, we do not have the means to understand what is happening to us. Typically, we have no weight in the narrative(s) our parents are playing out. We typically have no awareness of our childlike reactions to the various situations that we experience with our parents. But what we do do, is adjust ourselves. We make adjustments, as  a child, and we adjust how we interact with our parents. Oftentimes shutting down huge aspects of ourselves. They might not seem huge in the moment. But later on, once we have become adults, those concessions we made as a child can have huge effects on our adult lives.

If, when your Dad got angry, you made yourself invisible, later on in your adult life, you might find yourself choosing to become invisible when the intensity of life flared up. A survival tactic as a child was so deeply imprinted on your psyche, and is such an automatic response, that as an adult, you haven’t really behaved any other way. You haven’t behaved any other way. Think about that for a moment. Any other way, has been off the table your whole life. There is your karmic momentum.

You want a fresh start? Create a fresh, new relationship with your feelings.

It was how you felt, as a child, that made you create an ingrained response. As a child, what else could we do? We created a way, from a child’s perspective, of how to (better) endure or survive the situation. Most every day. Every day. Talk about creating a “normal” behavior. It is likely that you have never had a different reaction. A real common trait for so many of us, is that we never re-evaluate our demeanor. You could easily label it as the spiritual journey itself. To reflect within ourselves, to find all of the karmic stigmas that we have. To find all the subconscious reactive patterning we live out in our day-to-day lives.

The universe itself, is indifferent. I like the notion of a quantum mirror. You are standing in front of a metaphorical quantum mirror. What you are experiencing is a reflection of yourself. Mirrors have no memory. They have no scorecard. They have no image(s) of their own. What you are seeing in the patterning of your life, is You. You are experiencing your own karma. Change your karma, change your life.

Now THAT would be a fresh start.

Love You!



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