Sailing on an Ocean of Peace

You are Safe

There is a part of you, that has been there from the beginning. You could call it your Innate Self.

When we fret and worry, it is never from our Innate Self. Fret and worry are actually in the realm of the ego/mind. Our ego is an engine of sorts. An engine that runs on narratives. These narratives are the general patterns of language that we repeat, day after day. Rigid patterns for most of us. They reflect our beliefs, attitudes and expectations. They create a karmic momentum. A trajectory of sorts.

If you think about the literally billions of egos on the planet, and that each one is unique, then your particular situation is no more personal than any other person’s. In other words, we can create anything that we choose. The universe, as a whole, is extremely indifferent and unbiased.

It is all you. It was all you. It will be all you. You are the creator and the destroyer of your experiences and conditions.

I have been scrubbing my psyche for over 25 years now. And I still get schooled about just how many ingrained karmic stigmas I have loaded myself up with. I have wanted to blame others. Look, there, there is proof that I am the victim. My behavior did not warrant that kind of treatment. It was done unto me and not by me. Boy howdy, wouldn’t that be nice. To think that … I am not responsible for what has happened to me. That would be much worse than just the opposite. Where I am responsible for 100% of what happens to me.

It is done unto You as You believe.

We, as individuals, have created 100% of our own karma. This might seem like an excessive ratio. I mean, others do have an influence on us, and thus they should bear some of the burden or blame for what happens to us. Right?

The more I have cleaned out my psyche, the more my day-to-day experience(s) have become impersonal. It wasn’t always an easy path to walk. I noodled, just how do we accumulate so much karma? How does loading our psyches up with so much karma create the various experiences that are happening to humans all over the world? This world has some serious karma. Sweet Jesus. We have found ourselves in the darkest of darkness. One of the effects of having so much karma, many many lifetimes of karma loaded up in our psyche, is that the momentum of our karma far outweighs the intentions of our mind or consciousness. In other words, our affirmations, prayers and the like are very small energetically, compared to the vast arenas of karma we have accumulated in our subconscious. And thus, we feel powerless. We feel like the victim of what is happening … out there. Life is happening to us and not by us. This is false.

Cleaning our your karma will bring the most benefit.

If your karma is a momentum to your experience, then how does your Soul have any say, have any sway, in what could be happening for you, by you? In other words, once we have become bloated with karma, the choices of what may become of our life collapses. So many people go through their life with very minimal change to their karmic disposition.

To learn the practices, and then to practice those practices, is the path to “salvation.” The path to the freedom of “bondage” our karma holds us in. As we cleanse our personal energy persona, that collage of our karmic spectrums of consciousness within us, we are returning to purity. Our Innate Self is that purity personified. Once we can cleanse and purify our karmic persona, we are free (again). Then the creation process has no energies within us that are contrary to our desires. The realm of miracles, really.

PURE Authentic You!

Love You!



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