Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Where ARE you going?

You have been born into many different lifetimes. You have learned many lessons. You have always come out intact. At least your Soul has. As you have been born many times, you have also died many times. And here you are. What are you afraid of?

Are you living your life?

There is a common “dis-ease” that happens here on Earth. Millions, if not billions, of people “suffer” from it. It is called “Ego Overdose.” Is your mind afraid of what might happen to you? Are you posturing with the world “outside” of you? Trying to navigate these precarious times? Buy some land in the middle of nowhere and dig a bunker. Get in it and hide. You will be “safe” there. That is … if “safety” means being karmically comatose. You would have been safer had you just not incarnated. What the hell was your Soul thinking?

Life is either a daring adventure … or nothing at all. ~ Hellen Keller

Living a life in worry, fret and fear is a metaphorical “bunker.” I know life can seem risky. But your Soul chose this lifetime, this dynamic, just for you. Gee, thanks Soul! lol

There is a timeless “You” within you now. It is the most authentic part of you. It has been there, in every moment of every lifetime you have ever had. It was there before your very first incarnation. And it will be there after your last lifetime. Whenever that is. It is not that the Soul chooses to incarnate, and as soon as the ego comes into form, the Soul lets go. Well, in a way, yes it does. It is not that your Soul is not engaged in your life, but rather, your ego takes the helm. Your ego, perhaps, learns that it can consume all of your consciousness. All of your “conscious” consciousness. But that doesn’t mean your Soul is out of the loop. For many of us, we can spend virtually all of our waking consciousness in our mind. Life in the fast brain.

Our Soul is still very much engaged in our life. It is there all along the way. Including today. It has surrendered the driver seat to the ego. Or rather, the ego took all of the reins. If the ego gets too far off the “Yellow Brick Road,” the Soul can get out the cosmic two-by-four, and crack the ego upside of the head. That is what happened to me. I got cracked open, when my ego was totally ignoring, after decades of unchallenged ego agenda, the real reason I had incarnated. And I thank God my Soul cracked me open.

I do find it fascinating just how much the ego is allowed to wander off the intended path. Often, we can go through our lives and not really understand our life purpose. I got cracked open 25+ years ago, and my Soul is still showing me new chapters for my life. In a lifetime, where the ego has relented the driver’s seat completely over to the Soul, well, those lifetimes are exceptional. Gandhi comes to mind. A scrawny lawyer changes the destiny of a nation. He embodied his life purpose, and learned how to follow the guidance of his Soul. It wasn’t an easy life. And this (Earth) is not Disneyland.

We grow when we challenge ourselves. Our own personal growth is a source of deep satisfaction and fulfillment. But growth, left to a mind “suffering” from Ego Overdose, is often avoided. The ego, or rather the uninitiated ego, often avoids the very reason(s) why the Soul chose the incarnation. I certainly would have never chosen a life as a Spiritual Teacher, had I not got cracked open. Even as I write “Spiritual Teacher,” the ego part of me still thinks that title is a little odd. I mean, I am a small-town kid from Utah. Who the hell am I to walk THIS path? Holy cow! (Yes, I used to milk cows.) I have quite a lifetime before me now. And I don’t know where I am going. At least my ego doesn’t know. But I trust that my Soul does. I don’t know where my Soul will guide me. But I know this lifetime is like no other.

This lifetime has the transformation of the planet in its future. We are living in a lifetime like no other. In, perhaps, all of our history. Can you see the transformation of Earth happening? The transformation of humanity? What role(s) did your Soul have in mind for You? Have the courage to do that. The more you “show up” for your Soul, the bigger your future becomes. You show up by taking action(s) on the guidance of your Soul. It can seem risky at first. But once you learn to trust your Soul, more and more, then the exciting things start showing up for you. You are safe. You will come out of this unscathed. The innate part of you is the true You. It cannot be touched by human intentions. Ever. You ARE safe.

Welcome to “Adventures in Consciousness!”

Love You!



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