understanding our life purpose


Follow the Yellow Brick Road Where ARE you going? You have been born into many different lifetimes. You have learned many lessons. You have always come out intact. At least your Soul has. As you have been born many times, you have also died many times. And here you are. What are you afraid of? Are you living your life? There is a common “dis-ease” that happens here on Earth. Millions, if not billions, of people “suffer” from it. It is called “Ego Overdose.” Is your mind afraid of what might happen to you? Are you posturing with the world “outside” of you? Trying to navigate these precarious times? Buy some land in the middle of nowhere and dig a bunker. Get in it and hide. You will be “safe” there. That is … if “safety” means being karmically comatose. You would have been safer had you just not incarnated.…