Let Go of Struggle

There is Grace within You now

Imagine … if you will …

Imagine that you are crossing a wide and swift river. Perhaps about waist deep. And there is a taut rope strung across the swift river. You are holding tightly to the rope as you take step after step. Feeling for a solid footing on the rocky bottom. Each step brings risk, yet again. Over and over. If you get it wrong … yikes.

When we have loaded up our psyche with unresolved emotions, beliefs and expectations, we are literally creating a source of turbulence of sorts within us. We are creating an energetic “connection” with the world “out there.” When the world “out there” is triggered with emotional events, emotions of fear, lack, war, famine and dis-ease, we feel it within our own unresolved emotions in our subconscious.

We actually project this energetic connection to the collective subconscious. We do this with our egos. The reason we even have this energetic baggage within our subconscious is because we are posturing with our feelings. We are posturing with this energy within us, as a habit or pattern of behavior. Our ego doesn’t want to feel the memories of the past. The ego doesn’t want to feel the emotions of unpleasant times in our past. By avoiding those feelings, they grow the amounts of energy behind them.

As I have mentioned before, I was accumulating anger for decades, and I had no idea that I was doing that. Anger was causing huge turbulence in my life, and I had no idea, no clue at all. My ego was “protecting” my day-to-day life by avoiding the feeling(s) of anger. My ego was “protecting” my energetic attachment to the collective subconscious anger events. In other words, as the collective got stirred up with anger, my subconscious would get stirred up in kind. Causing a subconscious re-action within me. My turbulence was connected to the collective waves of anger. My tight grasp on the “rope,” the desire for a calm and peaceful life, kept me from actually resolving the condition once and for all. By holding the metaphorical rope, I was trying to “get through my day(s)” with minimal emotional struggles.

The true freedom comes from healing our relationships with our emotions. To heal our re-actions to the feelings behind our emotions. The emotions themselves have no built-in re-actions. We all have created our own unique re-active patterns. In other words, the emotions themselves are indifferent. Totally indifferent. Whatever emotions bring you the most sense of struggle, there are millions of people on the planet that have a completely different re-action to the very same emotion. To them, the emotion that brings you struggle is no big deal to them.

And so, it can be the same way with you. But, you have to metaphorically “let go of the rope.”  Oh, hell no, says the ego. If I let go, is will slip back into the struggles of my past. The key is to change your experience with the emotion. Your experience of the emotion you have now … was learned. You can reprogram your experience with the emotion. The feeling of the emotion has no skin in the game. The moment you change your relationship with your emotion, is the moment your future with said emotion changes. This is the doorway to releasing and cleansing your emotional energies within your own subconscious.

Let go of the rope and float down the river. Let go of the posturing with your emotions, and you will set yourself free. Once you heal your re-active patterns with your emotions, and learn how to feel them in the moment, you start to move towards more grace in your life. Cleanse your psyche of the stored emotional energy from your past, and you can stay in grace when the collective creates wave after wave of what they are struggling with. The ascended master has no subconscious energy. No subconscious posturing. The realm of Divine Grace.

Love You!



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