To Divide and to Unite

The flow of life

Imagine the first steps out of Heaven. Or perhaps the first moments of the birth of your Soul. Haven’t been incarnate yet. Haven’t felt any emotions to speak of. Where you haven’t formed any opinions or preferences. Where you are very similar to Source Consciousness itself.

Then you plunge into duality. You plunge into separation. You take the deep dive into karma. Fast forward many, many lifetimes, and like now, you find you are living on a planet with massive separation. Or perhaps the perception of massive separation. Divided and divided again until there are literally thousands of issues and opinions of what is “true.”

How do I get “back” to Heaven?

It is a common trait to label evil as … well …evil. Evil is bad. Evil is of the Devil. OK, sure.

You did decide to experience free will. Fierce free will.

On this planet, we have perhaps found the darkest of the dark when it comes to evil. There is a point when our Soul individually and our Souls collectively decide to return to Heaven. To “return” to Source Consciousness. The curious thing, is that even in the darkest of darkness, all that is IS Source Consciousness expressing itself. “Evil” has no consciousness of its own. There are not two sources of consciousness. In the first moments of creation, there was no “evil.” Source Consciousness, as souls, had to delve into the darkness. We accumulated “darkness” through separation or division. Over and over we brought division into our thinking. And generation after generation we created such divisions that we wanted to wage war on the opposite side of our perceptions and beliefs. Even in this extreme separation that we are witnessing today, Source Consciousness abides. I thought it very telling when the Burning Bush, portrayed as the voice of God, said, “I Am That I Am.” Zero judgment. None.

So, is God OK with evil? “I Am That I Am.” Perhaps in other words, my words, how can you know who you are, unless you bump up against what you are not? How can you learn what it meant to incarnate as a Soul having a human experience, and get any wisdom or skills without resistance? It has been said that Source Consciousness (God) wanted to know itself. Wanted to know ALL of what it might be or could be. Including “evil.”

We go into (more) darkness (towards more evil) through dividing ourselves. By posturing with what is. By creating polarity. Over and over again.

And likewise, we return to Source by (re) uniting those divisions. To let go of our posturing with “what is.” Evil has to be part of free will. It is more than obvious that it is part of our unlimited potentials, because we are witnessing it today. This day. If we are given total freedom, as our free will, to create anything in a limitless field of potential, then evil must be part of our choices. Clearly it is. Because it is here now.

Perhaps the non-intuitive thing about our return to Source or Heaven, is to see evil as Divine. As a potential of the Divine. By its very “separation” of the Divine. To see things as the Bhagavad Gita suggests, “As It Is.” To let go of judgment of it affords our ability to stop posturing with it. A posturing that is the division itself.

When you see something you really don’t like, understand it is part of true free will. As ugly as it is, it is part of the potentials of All That Is.

The profane becomes sacred … again. ~ Rumi

Both Light and Shadow (Evil) are the Dance of Love. ~ also Rumi

Love You!



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