Your Mind, Heart and Soul

Who are You?

So, if you were to be handed a copy of all of your thoughts over the last 24 hours, and they were indexed by “who” had had them, who would be you? In other words, if you were to get a clear report, showing you how much of your thoughts had come from your mind/ego, and your heart and your soul, what kind of ratios would you see?

A very common behavioral trait of human beings is that they live mostly in their mind. Mostly, isn’t really fair. Completely in their minds might be a better analogy. We, in general, are completely overdosing on our egos. Our hearts, once healed and open, would never wage war on another. Our soul would not have any need for the “white picket fence” idea of living our life. The notion that you go to “school,” learn a trade, and work in an industry for decades. Only to retire and quit the “model” of living that you were living. Of course, there are exceptions to this concept. After all, there are like literally billions of people on this planet. And, thank God, we don’t all follow the exact same template. But, the vast majority of us … do.

To break out of the idea of what your life will be, from the mind’s perspective, is the beginning  of something wonderful. To teach or train your mind/ego to let go of the reins, at least a little, can be a daunting task. Part of our addiction to our mind/ego is the idea of control. It isn’t really “control” the way the mind hopes it is. Our mind typically “thinks” is has things in control. But then something like 2020 rolls in, and the idea that we had some kind of decisive control of our life is literally destroyed. The “normal” of 2019 is gone forever. And perhaps our mind is looking for something to replace it with, restoring the illusion, of our mind, that it is indeed in control.

History shows again and again, how nature points out the folly of men. ~ Blue Oyster Cult

Our folly, perhaps, is that we are “trying” to drive our life by what we are observing outside of us. Our eyes can only show us the birthplace of our past. Our traditional eyes cannot show us the future. But we do have the mechanism of sight, that can see into the future. 2020 is an example of this. On my podcast, I have interviewed so many people, some of whose lives dramatically changed in 2019. 2019. Their soul knew what was coming. Their soul knew that everything would be changing very soon.

IF we were to be living from the vision of our soul, we would be seen as going against the flow. If the vast majority of humanity is living their life by what their eyes are showing them, then those with the vision of their soul would seem odd or out of place. Yet, by Divine design, we all have the ability to have the vision of our soul guiding us through our life.

I certainly was “suffering” from ego overdose before I got cracked open. I had a singular idea of what my life would be. I will be working in Television as an engineer. That’s it. But NO! lol My soul had much bigger ideas of what my life might be. And I thank God that I got cracked open, that the template of living my life, as some kind of static template, got shattered. Even today, I do not know what my life will be. At least from my ego’s perspective.

2020 has given us a gift of sorts. The old normal, a normal that the vast majority of humanity was living, got destroyed. The chaos we are living in now, is a very strong motivator for us to turn within. To tune within ourselves. Your soul knows about next week and next month … today. Your soul knows why you are here. Your life purpose. And then there is your heart.

As the powerhouse of your persona, your heart is the source of your power, really. Not, per se, exclusively. But certainly a passionate heart is a force to be utilized to accomplish the intentions of your soul. To heal your heart, and to teach your ego not to be afraid of your passionate heart, is to accelerate your effect within your own life. Your heart is a big aspect of the vehicle of creation that you are. Your heart technically has its own brain. Your heart has its own wisdom. It also knows about next week and next month. To teach your ego to step back, and allow your untethered heart free rein to express in your life, is the doorway to an uncommon life.

So then … who are you?

If you were to review how much of your inspirations, over the last 24 hours, have come from your heart, from your soul, compared to that of your ego, which of these three components of you are you living your life from? Your mind, heart, and soul are a Divine design. Not intended to be guided by your ego, but rather, to be living your life purpose, guided by the vision of your soul, accelerated from your passionate heart and executed into form by your ego. An ego following the directive of your heart and soul. Master that, and you will live a most uncommon life for sure.

Oh and … Love You!



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