Who will You become?

At your current trajectory.

If you were to continue to live your life, how you are living it right now, and where would you “end up?” As if there is an end, which I don’t think there is. But to pause for a second and contemplate, “What is possible for your life?” If we look at the BIG You, and bring in your Soul to this idea of You, then what you may become in this lifetime expands beyond comprehension.

Your Soul is vast and multi-dimensional. Knowing about next week and next month. But if your Soul is not active in your day-to-day narratives, then it really doesn’t matter. Your ego will run this whole rodeo, until death do you part. You and your ego will separate again. Exactly like the day you were born. You had a Soul, but you didn’t have any ego to speak of. I guess in that way, your (original) birthday was identical to how you end up after death. A consciousness without an ego. Your Soul would have been there all along, as your ego doesn’t have any consciousness of its own. Your ego “runs” in the back, so to speak, with your Soul. The experiences you can have on this planet at this time, are exceptional and vast. Saddle Up!

Our ego loves holding the rudder. The metaphor of having control. Control of direction, and thus outcome(s). A linear consciousness, your ego the captain, directing a vast multi-dimensional consciousness, your Soul. Your soul will differ its effects, to allow the ego to go wherever it wants to go. For the most part. This is the least common denominator when it comes to human potentials. An ego-lead life. Not to say there isn’t such a thing as an enlightened ego. But the real power play is to teach your ego to back away and watch how the Soul would execute the life purpose. Then a whole new style of living manifests itself. One anchored in peace, joy and love. Not to say there is no shadow, no pain, would not be correct.

However, as is evident with the horrendous pain and suffering that are happening every day on this planet, bumping up into our emotions and beliefs can be uncomfortable at times. It is the best path through the turbulence. Actually, it’s an opportunity to discover karmic stigmas that were previously dormant. But the more you come into harmony with yourself, the less you crash, or get sick. You stay in an equilibrium of sorts. Where the more you make choices and actions that are rooted in what your soul intended, the less turbulence is experienced through the event, as the intent of your soul unfolds through the passage of time. In You. Through You. As You. The walk of Life itself.

The undisciplined ego, at the beginning of spiritual journeys, will tend to posture with core emotions, and core beliefs. Creating a plateau of sorts, in your spiritual journey of ascension. It is like you are on one very long road trip, as a metaphor for your entire life, you, then, would be stopped at a rest area leaning against the building having a smoke. The car being parked way over there. You are not really progressing through your current opportunities. I am not suggesting that sometimes these arenas of karma aren’t very challenging. To even survive can be paramount. Hell is experienced every day on Planet Earth.

Your Soul chose this incarnation, knowing this karmic tsunami would be unfolding, but it also prepared you. All the core elements of your upbringing have a purpose, a gift, available for you now. Multitudes of these. Preparing you for your coming roles in the unfolding of your life.

Take all the time it takes to get clear about what vision(s) your Soul had in mind for this lifetime of yours, a vision before you were ever born. Well before your ego existed at all. Don’t let your ego bugger it up. Or do. As you choose. To be conscious of the availability of the choice is the intent.

Love You



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