Learning to Run

When the training wheels comes off

When you start to get some traction, walking in step with your heart and soul, you start to notice encounters you have with others, in a different way. You may pray to be a more Loving being, and someone will come along and trigger your unresolved anger. Damn it. I was praying for Love.

As you start to listen to your heart and soul more and more as you go about your day, then you start to notice a shift in your cadence. And the direction you are headed. By teaching your ego to just step back a bit, and allow a flow to present itself, then you are in the current. You are flowing in the stream.

The villain is also your hero. Only they can push your buttons the deepest, within your psyche. Affording you the sight to heal the deepest of scars. The vehicle itself, You, is a timeless expression of the vision of your soul, the passion of your heart, and the willingness of your ego.

If your intention is to more fully embody the Light within you now, the deeper the scars, the more influence on your everyday life. When a villain comes along, as the answer to your prayers, and pushes your buttons ever so deeply, thank them, for being the one that exposes those deep scars and helps you dislodge them. What a gift indeed.

You are standing in front of a mirror. All adjustments are within you now. No need to fret over others’ reflections as if they are significant in your reflection, which is of course entirely up to you. Cleanse the energy behind the turbulence, and the gift’s greatest rewards will reveal themselves. Tend only to your narrative, with a sharp intuition and a fierce resolve.

Oh and … try the ice cream.

Love You!



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