To walk out of the Karmic Storms

Your subconscious decides how much your environment influences you

We posture with reality. At least until we come to terms with it. In other words, our karma has us posturing with reality based on our subconscious programming. Based on our unresolved karmic stigmas.

There is a curious thing that happens. Perhaps not in every situation. But certainly for myself. We get cracked open, by some major event in our lives. And that starts an unraveling of sorts. You might call it an inward dive into our own psyche. For myself, once I got cracked open, I started a whole new journey in my life. And thus a whole new outcome for my life.

We have all felt a collective experience. Say, for example, 9/11. The whole world witnessed that event. Do you remember how you felt that day? Do you remember how the world felt that day? Perhaps, since that day well over a decade ago, you have changed. Have you been working on yourself? Have you been cleaning out the metaphorical “junk in your trunk?”

What about your personal life? Has there been someone, or something, that gets you upset every single time? “That get YOU upset”? What is getting upset all about? There is this notion that we have our own personal triggers. Our own personal issues, that can get us upset, perhaps each and every time. When there is “something” within us that can get triggered, then we are metaphorically “attached” to a reactive pattern to our triggers. When we have issues that can trigger us, we are karmically connected to some of the elements of the world outside of us. The more “things” that can trigger us, the more karmically connected we are to them. In other words, the more unresolved emotions, beliefs and such that we have within our own subconscious, the more often we are likely to be triggered as we go about our day.

Then there is the notion of just how long a triggered event lasts within us. Many people can spend days in a triggered state. Where one event can set them off, and they spend days in a karmic turbulence as a result of it. Perhaps their ex posts something that they consider private on social media. And a fury, of sorts, breaks out. Where emotions, that the trigger … well triggers, get flared up. Perhaps it triggers a sense of shame, just as an example. Maybe that person, from a soul level, had chosen a socially unpopular life path. Say, prostitution. Maybe the soul intended for the life path to be one of finding their own self-worth. And the soul chose to incarnate into just the opposite. Where one might be seen, and thus judged, as a low-level element of society. I want to be really clear, the universe has no judgment. The archetype of prostitution has no label on it, from the universe itself. But nonetheless, there they are, in the lens of judgment by society.

It might have taken them years to get out of the karmic grip of their past. Where they have a very intense  journey of coming to terms with their self-worth. And now their ex has “stirred up their past.” Perhaps they feel the wake of shame yet again. Where they get “upset” yet again. Based on a perception that their past is somehow wrong or bad.

To spend the time to understand the value of the archetype of the prostitute, one can come clean with it. Where they could say, yes, that was my past. Yes, I did those things. And not drop into a reactive pattern. Where they have felt all the unresolved feelings around that element of their life. And there is no more energy within their psyche that can get triggered. Then they are karmically free of the life-path lesson.

To walk out of the karmic storm, is to resolve all of the energy behind the lesson, from within our subconscious.

Anyone who can trigger you is your “savior.”  At least in the sense of showing you the trigger itself. As you get triggered, and the corresponding emotion(s) come up to the surface, then you can revisit the feelings and perhaps the reason your soul chose that life lesson for you this time around.

Some of the most powerful lessons a soul could choose are ones that are the most charged, socially or collectively. To incarnate into an archetype where the majority of society has a label of shame associated with it, is a life path that a very old soul would choose to do some very deep work.

God, with a capital ‘G’, has no bias. “I Am That I Am.” I am the prostitute. I am the villain. I am the devil. Whatever it is … I am that. ~ God

God has no judgment of your past. Why do you?

Love You!



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